6a00e54ee3905b8833017d3ec24bd4970c-800wiDreamforce is a massive event. With 120,000 registered attendees expected this year, we are also expecting an increase in social media conversations from both on site and virtual attendees.

This year, we’re putting Salesforce Radian6, our leading social analytics application, to work in a new way. If you’ve been to Dreamforce, you are no doubt familiar with our massive social media command center (see image to the right).

In addition to our physical command center on site, this year we are also excited to launch the command center online so everyone can follow along. You’ll see total conversation volume, a conversation trend timeline, top hash-tags, top conversation topics, and more, all in real time. Click here to check it out.



The app employs responsive design and is easily viewable on any device. Here’s how we built the online command center app.

1.  Get ready to listen.

We used Salesforce Radian6 to set up two topic profiles, in order to create different data search profiles based on a collection of relevant keywords (eg. Dreamforce, Benioff, Mayer, and so on). One of the topic profiles searches and pulls any mentions for these keywords across social and mainstream media. The other analyzes the issues and topics discussed in relation to the Dreamforce keywords. (eg. Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Platform, and so on).

2.  Make it visual.

After we pulled the topic profiles, we worked to visualize the data in different widgets. We selected total conversation volume, top influencers, conversations by topic and region, most popular keywords and hash tags.

3.  Set up the app.

The next step was integrating all this information into a living and breathing app on Heroku. The app makes API calls to Marketing Cloud, and pulls the relevant information in real time for each widget. Then, it displays each widget with the live data.

This visualization of real-time social conversations can be easily applied to any event or brand. Click here to try it out and we’d love your feedback.

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