Fashion. It befuddles the best of us. Throw in an out-of-town conference, San Francisco fog, and an agenda that takes you from a chance encounter with Deepak Chopra to a Green Day mosh pit, and it can leave you asking: What to wear?

The better question is: What not to wear.

Brand new shoes

This is not the time to open a new box of shoes in your hotel room. Break a new pair in early – a week before—to avoid blisters and to better enjoy San Francisco as a walking city.

Your Dad jeans

We want you to be comfortable, but do try to dress to impress. Your next boss may be sitting next to you in the keynote, and every casual coffee is a potential new partner or hire. 

All of your swag at once

Expo organizers are giving away amazing goodies to attract you to booths and to sessions. It's tempting to grab each new items as you go-- a hat, three buttons, that cool new hoodie. If you do so, you could end up with more flair than a waiter at Flingers (Office Space reference). 

Heavy bags and backpacks

Unless you are training for an Iron Man, leave your heavy items at home. Opt for a tablet and phone rather than a heavy laptop. You’ll need the stow all of those trade booth goodies.

A clean shaven face

It’s Movember, so if you are a guy and want to show support for the Movember movement, try growing a mustache! Hipsters unite for good!

An attitude

Dreamforce is about opening your mind to new ideas and opportunities. Keep an open mind to take in new perspectives. Attend a session in a new track, check out our Unusual Thinkers talks, and reach out to meet new people.

We'll even help you dress for success by giving out stylish gifts at our top ten Sales Cloud sessions. 

For more tips, check out our step-by-step guide below created by Dreamforce veterans and join us for more tips during our 'All About the Campground and Expo' SalesforceLIVE broadcast on Wednesday, November 13 at 11 am PDT on SalesforceLIVE.

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