With another indulgent holiday season behind us, it’s time to get rid of bad habits, try something new, and better ourselves with a few personal New Years resolutions. Why not do the same for your business?

Here are 5 App Savvy tips to make your business healthier in 2014:

1.  Boost productivity with a UX makeover

Give your users a new way to experience Salesforce in 2014 and instantly increase adoption and productivity across your organization. Try Skuid, an app that transforms your Salesforce interface on any device with a simple drag-and-drop toolkit. With more than a dozen components to choose from, including tables, tabs, calendars, consoles and more, you can build a powerful user experience that fits your team’s needs with just a few clicks – no code needed! Skuid is one of many IT and admin apps that can help you get organized and be more productive this year.

2.  Simplify your accounting

While accounting is considered primarily a back office function, it is just as (if not more) essential in planning for the front office, and you can’t afford for finance to be a bottleneck in making key decisions. Accounting apps like Accounting Seed integrate accounting and enterprise resource planning with Salesforce to meet all your finance needs. Accounting Seed makes it easy to track financial data through the entire business lifecycle, including marketing, project implementation, and product sales. 

3.  Hire faster and smarter

With the New Year often comes new budget for additional headcount. The AppExchange offers a variety of human resources solutions for companies looking to streamline recruiting processes. Jobscience, for example, offers a solution for businesses of all sizes (as well as one for staffing and search firms) of industry-leading tools to quickly recruit and place talent. With end-to-end candidate tracking, access to information on social networks and email campaign management, your recruiters will be able to hire faster and smarter than ever before. 

4.  Supercharge your marketing

For those that want to focus on data-driven digital marketing campaigns in 2014, you should check out the many marketing apps available on the AppExchange. ExactTarget Email Marketing lets you better engage with your customers through relevant, personalized communications. The ExactTarget platform turns your customer data into targeted conversations while saving time, improving efficiencies and increasing ROI.

5.  Maximize your sales team’s efforts

With your marketing team on the fast track, you need to make sure that your sales team is able to keep up with all the new leads coming in. Pardot is a marketing automation app that helps your sales team track, score and nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle. Advanced web analytics allows Pardot to capture all relevant prospect activities and determine buying signals. This way your sales team can focus on the hottest leads and close new business faster than ever before.


The AppExchange has more than 2,100 apps that can help make every aspect of your business more efficient, so you can focus on your personal resolutions in 2014. ‘Appy New Year!

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