Free stuff is pretty great, and free stuff that makes you look brilliant and amazing is the best.  The AppExchange is a great source for free and amazing with more than 800 free apps that can help your entire organization be more productive.  

If you’re just getting started with the AppExchange, you’ll probably want to check out a few of our Salesforce Labs apps.  These apps are unmanaged packages available on the AppExchange designed to be completely customizable, easy to install, and super useful.

  • Salesforce CRM Dashboards: A set of pre-built example dashboards that will give you a great place to start building your own.
  • Salesforce Adoption Dashboards: Provide visibility into how well your organization is… well, adopting!
  • Action Plans: Creates reusable task templates for Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, or Leads which is very useful for productivity’s sake.
  • MyCharts: Gives you a simple interface for creating charts that can be easily modified and shared with others, including inside the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
  • Chatter Terms of Use: lets you make sure that every user actively agrees to comply with your terms of use. 

Free apps are good for more than dashboards and charts.  They’re also perfect for planning, staying organized, saving tons of time, and even inspiring your team every day. 

  • Quote of the Day!: keeps your teams motivated with inspirational words from world leaders, automatically refreshed each day on your home page and in Chatter.
  • Drag, Drop, and Upload: does just what you might think, but let’s you do so for multiple files at once for a big time saver. 
  • Former Positions: cleans up your cluttered contacts by automatically tracking changes to a contact’s account and title.
  • Layout Page: converts any Salesforce Page Layout (Standard OR Custom) into a Standard Visualforce Page in just 3 simple & easy steps.
  • GoToMeeting Integration: saves time by letting users start and schedule their GoToMeetings from insides Salesforce.
  • Opportunity Planning Wall: displays sales opportunities as cards on a virtual wall so you can filter, group and modify them easily on one display.
  • Enabler for Excel: perfect for Excel junkies who want to do all the usual data loader types of tasks, but without all the .csv files.
  • Vaykay: incorporates single, multiple, and half-day off requests inside Salesforce and makes manager approval a snap.
  • Tango Card: builds relationships by letting your users give and track gift cards directly from Salesforce.
  • Free Sales Funnel: report for Sales VPs and Sales Managers to monitor their actual sales conversion rates at each stage.

With more apps added every day, you’ll always find the solutions you need to help your entire organization (and be the hero of the day) on the AppExchange.