Growing revenue over the next 12 months is going to require much more than just managing contacts in a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You and your team need be armed with the best sales tools if you want to make a significant difference to your bottom line in 2014.

Here are four common sales goals that can help you meet and exceed this year:

1. Be more productive

Give your team everything they need in one place with Sales Cloud, built on the Salesforce1 Platform. This will help them spend more time selling and less time searching for information. Your sales reps can manage the entire customer cycle from lead to cash, without logging into multiple applications.

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2. Grow and qualify your pipeline

How many leads fall into a black hole, or never get followed up on? Nip this in the bud with marketing automation that gives sales reps visibility into marketing efforts, so both departments work together effortlessly. Salesforce delivers marketing automation with Pardot. Your reps will see alerts on what leads to look at, lead scoring that highlights the better leads for them, and who to call first.

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3. Gain business insights

Take the pulse of your business by running complex analyses right in Salesforce. Real-time dashboards help you easily measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and align on common goals. The tool also lets you accurately plan territories and conduct whitespace analysis to optimize allocation of sales resources. Collaborative forecasts show your entire team’s forecast at a glance and break out the details of any individual rep’s deals.

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4. Coach and motivate your sales reps

Your experts can coach reps in real-time from anywhere in the world, taking notes and setting goals in on the Salesforce1 Platform. Your reps can also set their own goals, confirm completion, and build credentials to show their growth. And instead of waiting for the annual performance review, recurring lightweight performance check-ins can deliver quick, meaningful feedback. This builds morale and shows reps what they need to do to become top performers.

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For a full download on all the ways Salesforce can help you connect to your customers and blow your sales goals out of the water this year, read the free e-book 7 Big Breakthroughs in 2014 for Sales.