content marketing cornerstonesRemarkable content is now the most valuable marketing asset you own. Whether it’s an industry e-book, a customer case study, or a Slideshare presentation, original content generates leads. Here are tips to efficiently build your content and distribute it in an economical on-demand way. 

Develop cornerstone content

As B2B marketers, there is a limited time develop content. So it becomes necessary to prioritize the material you generate, then repurpose that material for easy consumption across multiple channels. This is where the philosophy of developing cornerstone content becomes essential. Cornerstone content is a piece of original material that is focused on a pain point experienced by your target audience. Cornerstone content can be anything: a video, an e-book or a new industry report. Once it’s developed, this piece of content becomes the foundation from which you build the rest of your marketing campaign 

Using content to get found  

It is essential to distribute your cornerstone content through the proper medium to maximize exposure and increase lead generation.Here's how to merchandise and advertise your new content through highly effective and low-cost channels: 

1. Blogging

Your corporate blog is the most valuable real estate on your website. This asset allows you to build a following, increase your SEO rank, and ensures dynamic content is always added to your site. It's also your best advertising space for new cornerstone content offers.

For example, let's say you operate a social media services firm and you recently developed a new e-book called, How To Increase Lead Generation Using Linkedin. To distribute the e-book, you could schedule five blogs posts using excerpts from the e-book to comprise the posts. Then at the bottom of the posts, provide a link to a landing page where readers can download the full e-book. 

This repurposing of content allows you to utilize the copy that you have already developed for the e-book to engage blog subscribers. Additionally, it gives you a great lead generation opportunity by closely pairing blog content to “gated” content offers.

2. Social Promotion

Social media promotion is an incredibly powerful content distribution model. Today, more than ever, B2B buyers are using social media to connect with companies and colleagues to better understand product and service offerings. By promoting your cornerstone content offers through different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, you have the ability to tap into both your companies and your fans network. 


Email is still a very effective way to engage with leads in your database. As marketers, it’s important to constantly be building an email opt-in list of individuals who anticipate your communication.

To effectively build your database, educate your audience on industry trends, best practices and new technologies. Additionally, use email marketing to distribute your cornerstone content to the appropriate contacts in your directory. 

Search marketing

As B2B consumers continue to shift information consumption preferences from offline to online, the need to have content  seach engine optimized (SEO) becomes paramount. By optimizing cornerstone content around keywords relevant to your buyers, you dramatically increase your ability to be found via major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 


Effective marketers have a deep understanding of the target buyer, an ability to develop relevant content, and a distribution model that strategically places the material in environments native to decision makers. By using inbound marketing tactics like search engine optimization, email marketing, social promotion, and business blogging, you build credibility, educate your buyer, and distribute your message in a economical and non-invasive way. So start shifting marketing resources and time toward these tactics and watch your lead generation increase.

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