Sec8-hiA month ago, if someone had asked me to list my favorite mobile app, I would have listed a lifestyle app like Yelp, Evernote, RunKeeper, Spotify or Waze. Each of these apps help me solve daily challenges of a busy life- such as, where to eat, how to track my workouts and how to outsmart traffic. 

Yet recently, another app has rapidly gained a foothold among my favorite apps-- the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Recently announced, it's a free app available to customers. What's different is that it's not a lifestyle app; it's all about business. Work tasks like responding to colleagues about a project, adding new contacts, reviewing real-time data - tasks that previously kept me tethered to my desktop -- are now accomplished in just a few clicks on my mobile phone and tablet. In other words, the Salesforce1 Mobile App is helping me get some real work done while on the move. 

Here are five main reasons why the Salesforce1 Mobile App is quickly becoming my favorite mobile app:

1. Access to everything

Logging into the Salesforce1 app on my phone or tablet, I get access to all my Chatter posts, latest uploaded files and assets, images, reports, campaigns, vacation requests, not to mention a handy view of today's calendar. Everything that's stored in my instance is searchable, clickable, shareable and even editable off my devices. It's powerful when you can find and display a recent presentation for an impromptu hallway meeting without needing to be at your desktop. 

2. Collaborate on the go

It used to be that if you stepped away from your desk, your only connection to your work was an email in your Inbox addressed to you, and that was usually too late. With the new Salesforce1 Mobile App, you can stay highly responsive and collaborative by viewing and replying to real-time conversation feeds. A simple 'like' or longer comment keeps you present when life calls you away from your desk (which for most of us, is often).



 3. View real-time reports and dashboards 

Business happens moment by moment, and we all need to make decisions quickly. Being able to view my marketing dashboards and show them to others on the go puts the business at my fingertips.  I can get real-time reports and dashboard updates on campaigns, leads, and pipeline in a flash. Results? Insights on what campaigns are working and what needs adjusting from anywhere I happen to be.

 4. Connect with people and groups anytime

Just met a new employee in the elevator? Tap Follow. Checking on the phone number of a colleague? Search his name for the answer. It's simple to look up people using across your company whenever inspiration strikes. You can also sign up to follow new Groups on the go. In other words, you can now build your network while you wait for your latte or train. 

5. View AppExchange Apps

With Salesforce1, your company can also add additional AppExchange apps and enable access 3rd party apps like Concur right from my log in. The sky's the limit in terms of what to integrate, enabling more improvements to workflow. View some of the awesome apps already built for Salesforce1 here.

Just as consumer apps have transformed how we access content and connect to people in our personal lives, business apps like Salesforce1 Mobile App are freeing us from our desktops to take care of business where and when we need to. 

Do you have the free Salesforce1 Mobile App installed? If so, what's your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Get the Salesforce1 Mobile App now for iOS or Android. Learn more about the features of the Salesforce1 Mobile App for marketing, sales and customer service here. If you want to see it first, click the demo button below.