We all want to crush sales goals and succeed as salespeople. But did you know there is one persona that stands far above the rest when it comes to winning more sales? Deep research by CEB shows that people with a Challenger™ mentality are ten-times more likely to be high performers in complex sales than those that adopt the traditional Relationship Builder™ attitude.

This is not to say that relationships with customers and prospects aren’t still important. But as a salesperson, you will have more success if you instead focus on encouraging customers to think outside the box, highlight problems they miss, and push for creative solutions to problems, which are all skills of a Challenger™.

Are you a sales Challenger™? Here’s a fun and interactive way to find out. Take The Sales Challenge to discover in minutes if you fit the winning profile as you negotiate a virtual sales account through the application. Move through each self-guided step of an intense and formidable sales cycle with a “new” account to determine how you fare and if your sales style will win you the deal in the end.

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