At Salesforce, we are very fortunate to have an incredibly talented and dedicated group of guest bloggers that share their insight, research, and expertise on this blog every week. With an dynamic mix of experience and expertise, these bloggers help create the rich ecosystem of knowledge and ideas that keep our readers coming back.

Each year, these guest bloggers consistently rank among some of the most popular posts published to the Salesforce blog. As we looked back at our top guest blog posts of 2013, we found the ten posts listed below resonated most with our audience. While each author and topic is unique, they each offer straight-forward and actionable advice from a true expert that you can apply to your own business.

Check out the expert and timely tips offered up in these posts and use them to build a foundation for a successful 2014:

1. 7 Key Performance Indicators For Every Sales Manager by @WilliamTyree

This popular post offers wisdom on what metrics really matter in sales management. Great results start with identifying key strengths and coalescing your team into an efficient selling machine. Read the post >>

2. 12 Skills You Need to Keep Your Job in Sales by @KylePorter

We’ve entered into an age of buyer empowerment.  Yet while the buyer’s habits have certainly changed, the typical sales strategy has been slow to adapt. Learn the 12 demands on the modern sales professional. Read the post >>

3. 5 Voicemail Tactics That Will Get You More Callbacks by @JohnMBarrows

Voicemails should be part of any overall contact strategy that mixes calls, emails, and other ways of getting your message in front of the right target prospect. If your contact strategy includes quality and relevant messaging each time, you'll see an increase in response. Read the post >>

4. The Power of Key Performance Indicators for Sales Teams by @WalterRogers

Quick: what is the definition of KPI? Do you know the difference between a lagging indicator and a leading indicator? It's time to brush up on how to use KPIs to minimize the subjectivity and increases your objectivity when measuring your organization's performance. Read the post >>

5. The 5 Character Traits of Great Salespeople by Geoffrey James

The very best salespeople cultivate five emotional traits. Paying attention to the cues you are receiving from your customer (or potential customer) is key. Too often we make our decisions on how to respond based on how we feel instead of reading the customer's signals. Read the post >>

6. Why Content Marketers Need To Treat Their CRM Like a Publishing Channel by @NoyesJesse

Marketers, reach sales where they live-- in  their CRM. The hallmarks of great content marketing organizations are not just shares, traffic and inbound links. The best recognize their sales force as that - a “force” that can extend the reach, life and overall effectiveness of content.  Read the post >>

7. 62 Sales Tips and Sales Quotes by @KenKrogue

Why do salespeople love sales tips and quotes so much? It’s probably because they believe in their potential, and capacity to learn and grow.  Enjoy these 62 sales tips and quotes from the thought leaders. Read the post >>

8. Best Practices That Help Sales Managers Be Successful by @WalterRogers

It only takes insight into three key areas to dramatically increase the positive impact the sales manager can make on the whole sales team:  Alignment, Motivation, and Performance. Read the post >>

9. 6 Tony Robbins Insights That Will Change Your Sales Game by @KylePorter

When it comes to helping people improve their lives there is nobody in the game with stronger credentials than Tony Robbins. The Michael Jordan of thought leaders, Tony has affected millions of people around the world through performance coaching. Read the post >>

 10. 10 Coaching Questions That Every Manager Should Ask by @KeithRosen

There’s a multitude of different questions you can use in any coaching conversation. However, when the best ones are used and used consistently, the conversation becomes magical and both the coach and coachee walk away from that experience feeling great because value was delivered, a new solution was co-created, a new possibility emerged. Read the post >>


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