Let’s say you have 100 prospects that you have spoken with over several months. They want to stay on your radar but do not want you to call them with the same message. They are basically asking for a little “nurturing love” from you. By doing so, it’s your way of saying you will always be there for them.  

Design a three-month content strategy to nurture these prospects using proven content that works. Spend time carefully selecting the most interesting, most popular, most newsworthy, and most intriguing goodies you plan on sending to fill your goodie bag.

Week 1: Video

Search YouTube for a video that is cool and relevant for your prospect.

Week 2: Solution Deep Dive

What does your solution actually do? Send a cools infographic instead of a data sheet that explains the fact.

Week 3: Industry Research/Surveys

What does third-party research have to say about your industry, field, or solution? Is growth predicted? If so, does it substantiate a need for your solution? Share this reputable data with your prospect.

Week 4: Customer Testimonials 

What have other customers said about your solution? Once they installed it, how did this impact their productivity? Send customer stories, videos, blog posts or other pieces of content that show the experiences of your satisfied customers.

Week 5: Press Releases

What newsworthy item has just been released about your solution? How has the industry recognized your company? 

Week 6: Competitive Climate

How do you rank when stacked against your competition? Share links to articles with the stats.

Week 7: Webinars 

Share a helpful webinar on the topic of your customer's industry or your solution. 

Week 8: Roadshow/Executive Briefing 

Is there a breakfast or luncheon coming up where your prospect might network with other people in their field? Send them to a helpful event.

Week 9: Awards

Let your prospects know about your exciting new awards. Show how you been recognized by the industry for your solution.

Week 10: ROI calculator

Put the numbers together to show why it makes sense to sign up.

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About the Author

FJosiane Feigon is the author of Smart Sales Manager and the best-selling book Smart Selling on the Phone and Online. She is the founder of TeleSmart Communications and is recognized among the "Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals."



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