With nearly $800 million in sales last year, the girl scout cookie empire is certainly nothing to shake your thin mints at.

A limited annual supply and continued cultural relevance has helped fuel an organization that is posting profit margins some fortune 500's would envy. So what's the secret to this cookie dominance?

A highly motivated, savvy, and effective sales force.

Behind the pigtails and merit badges, a burgeoning businesswoman is lurking in every girl scout. So what do these girl scouts have to offer in the way of sales wisdom? We asked a few girl scouts for their best sales advice and found they had a lot to offer.

You're selling more than a cookie


Sidney, age 8, knows that closing a deal is very rarely about the product you're selling. Great salespeople know that winning business is about demonstrating the value you can provide. For Sidney, that means offering the additional value of helping to fund a local children's hospital. While your added value certainly doesn't have to be so nobel, be sure to highlight how you can make your customers lives better beyond just selling them a product or service.

Let the product sell itself


Shannon, age 15, knows that if you have a product that is a good fit for your prospect, making a sale is about showing them how your product can meet their needs, and getting out of the way. Today's consumers often know what they are looking for and have some grasp of their options in the market. You just need to give them a polite nudge to help them realize how your product can satisfy their needs, or stomach!

Make your goals manageable


Whether you are a twelve year old girl scout selling door to door or a seasoned sales executive, trying to attack your quota at the beginning of a quarter can be intimidating. Breaking your number into a series of smaller goals, like daily calls, weekly demos, or prospecting hours, can help make your goals more manageable and your progress easier to track.

Always mind your manners


While good manners like Asma, age 10, suggests may seem like an obvious suggestion, too often the little niceties are forgotten in a professional environment. Treating your prospects with respect and manners is more important than ever. The way you handle and present yourself sets the tone for what doing business with your entire company will be like. Make sure you're making a good impression.

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