It would be impossible to celebrate’s 15th birthday without offering an extra big “thank you” to our more than 13,000 team members. Our employees exemplify’s core values of customer success, innovation, and giving back. They are why has been named one of Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” six years running, and Forbes’ “Most Innovative Company” for the past three years.

We spoke with executives and they shared with us just a few of the many ways employees make the company what it is today:

Team1. Comradery: is a team sport with every employee contributing in ways that count

“I think in our industry, especially software, it’s a people business. A big part of why has been a great place to work is the quality of people that we have and also that they enjoy working together, it’s a comradery type of company. I look forward to the annual Koa Club dinner that we do, which is for employees who have been with for more than ten years. It’s always amazing to see how many people are there, how many people I joined with who are still with the company, and the amazing things they’re doing. Overall, to see how much we’ve all grown up in the company and have evolved.” - George Hu, Chief Operating Officer

Culture2. Culture: employees make it an incredibly fun and inspiring place to work

“It’s been a culture where people can work really hard, get a lot done, have a good time doing it, and work among peers that are really smart and can carry their own weight. We try to create an opportunity for people to do really great work and have an impact and have been pretty successful. Without employees the company wasn’t going to be a company. Marc [Benioff] had an incredible idea and vision, and we had some people very early on who worked incredibly hard to bring the first versions of the product to light. That also created a very dynamic and hardworking culture. Everyone that has been here for any length of time has been part of contributing to the success of the company, and we’re all on the same train.” - Jim Cavalieri, Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman


3. Compassion: employees give back to communities around the globe

“The 1:1:1 model and vision brings us great talent because people want to work for a company that stands for something bigger and makes a lasting positive difference in the world, through its great products and its employees’ passion and commitment to changing the world through its assets. Through global volunteerism, pro-bono support, moral support, and many other ways. Many who have left the company have brought these values with them into their new endeavors which is an awesome way to spread the love beyond our walls.” - Suzanne DiBianca, President, Foundation


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