When you can accomplish something faster and cheaper, you tend to do more of it. That’s certainly true of recently surveyed IT organizations who have built a portfolio of applications on the Salesforce1 Platform. Companies report a 70% reduced time to market for app development, and as a result, the launch of 80% more apps.

These findings are part of a new IDC white paper, sponsored by salesforce.com. When comparing this latest 2013 research with a previous study done by IDC in 2009, the average number of custom apps built on the Salesforce1 Platform has increased tenfold. The number of total employees using those apps has skyrocketed from just 9% to 89%.

Overall there’s been incredible momentum for the Salesforce1 Platform as a proven enterprise scale cloud platform. Along with the gains on the dev side, the latest report also examines the positive financial impact experienced by those studied. The average cost savings for these organizations was well over $700,000 per 100 users.

Average Annual Cost Savings ($M per 100 users)

The following breakdown highlights the key areas where companies building on the Salesforce1 Platform were able to do more with less:

1. Infrastructure cost reduction

Money spent on in-house development related activities like software, hardware, servers, travel, and consultant services was notably reduced. On average, organizations surveyed saved more than $100,000 per 100 users.

2. IT staff productivity

Companies studied successfully avoided adding IT headcount. The Salesforce1 Platform also allowed them to shrink ongoing maintenance and application development costs, while growing their application development environment by 44% annually. Savings averaged nearly $250,000 per 100 users.

3. User productivity

Another way the Salesforce1 Platform had a clear impact on companies is a more than 99% reduction in total downtime hours and total downtime impact. Monetarily this translated to an average productivity gain of more than $62,000 per 100 users.

4. Business productivity

Organizations reported considerable business gains as a result of the higher productivity brought on by the Salesforce1 Platform. These include: freeing up staff for growth-focused positions due to faster application development and operation cost reductions. Business productivity benefits across the board equated to $319,000 per user annually.

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