54% of companies plan to increase their content marketing teams, however, 83% say finding those hires is a difficult task. These stats and more come from a recent study by content marketing software provider, Kapost, which shows the huge growth potential of hiring in the content marketing space.

Why is this important? If you want to better understand the growing content marketing category, the people/positions in most demand and where to find them, and the reasons why more and more organizations are hiring content marketing teams, then this post (and study) are for you.

Check it out and prepare for some truly compelling numbers. 

1. 54% of marketers are proiritizing content marketing hiring over any other type of marketing.

2. The number one metric of content marketers is driving awareness at 56%.

3. 83% of respondants said that finding content marketing talent is difficult or somewhat difficult.

4. 95% of respondants say the number one quality of a content marketer is writing or editing skills.

5. An English or Journalism background is a must: 75% of respondants are looking for that.


6. 45% of respondants said they plan to hire for content marketing within the next year.

7. 54% of companies plan to increase their content marketing team.

8. 48% of current content marketing teams have 2-5 members.

9. 45% of content marketers are measured on generating leads.

10. Nearly 80% of respondants plan to grow their content marketing teams by 1-3 members over the next year.

11. 42% of respondants said the first person they'd hire for content marketing is a writer.

12. Only 3% of respondants would hire a videographer first to their content marketing team.

13. LinkedIn is the number one platform used to find new hires for content marketing (83%).

14. The second highest way to find new hires is referrals from colleagues (71%).

15. 39% of marketers say that Directors are in charge of hiring for content marketing.

Check out the full report from Kapost here. If you're ready to get started with a killer marketing team including content, check out the free e-book below.