Spring has finally sprung after a long winter, and it’s time to get rid of those dust bunnies just as we did our winter coats. This year, clean more than just what’s on your office floor - take a stab at doing some internal cleaning as well. Sweep the floors, clear your mind, de-clutter your desktop, do it all!

Clean what’s on your computer

Are you the type of person to save every single potentially interesting article under your bookmarks tab and then seem surprised to find that scrolling through said tab takes awhile? Or maybe you never delete an email. You may be a technological hoarder and not even realize it! Take the time to fully clean out your bookmarks and inbox by organizing emails into folders and archiving older content.  Not only will you find it’s a lot easier to navigate to messages with a high priority, but your computer will also be running a whole lot faster.


Desk organization

Now that you’ve taken care of your computer, it’s time to go through what’s on top of your desk. Do you have stacks of paperwork scattered everywhere? Put a small filing cabinet under your desk with color-coded folders. Are your pens rolling around throughout the day? Invest in a pencil case! Find out which organizational tools work for you, and stick to ‘em.

Give your walls a splash of color

A few months ago, our office partook in a fun team-building afternoon of painting and wine-sipping. We each painted a similar picture using the same color scheme and we hung our pictures up on our blank office walls afterward. We were so inspired by our new works of art that we decided to paint the walls to match - our office is now decked out in vibrant blue and green hues. Spring is the perfect time to give your walls a painted facelift. It will give your office and employees the rejuvenation they need.

Check your inventory

Does your team have the problem of keeping trash on and around their desks? Buy a communal trash can and recycling bin for everyone to use. Take a lap around the office and take note of what supplies seem to be missing and what could help everyone out a little bit. Whether it’s some bright highlighters or a box of fresh Post-Its, ensuring that a prepped office is a working office is truly the key to a fresh start this spring.

Give the break room refrigerator some TLC  

Ah yes, the dreaded refrigerator clean up of 2014 where (gulp) you may find holiday party leftovers from 2013 still buried in crisper drawers. Notify everyone in the office that you will be cleaning out the fridge at the end of the day so they can come and mark what they’d like to keep before the clean up starts. I find it’s most helpful to schedule these clean-outs on a Friday afternoon at the end of the day. The end of the workweek ensures that you’re not throwing away anyone’s lunch by mistake!

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