xactly“One of our mottos at Twitter is to communicate fearlessly to build trust, and the completely transparent, cloud-based compensation management helps us reinforce that motto. The Xactly tool is the medium through which we communicate how sales compensation works at Twitter, how we arrive at quarterly payouts – and obviously, compensation is a big deal to everybody.”

This is one of many enlightening moments Joe Song, sales compensation manager for Twitter, shared with us during his recent visit to the salesforce.com live studio for App Talks – a web series where salesforce.com customers share their cloud transformation success stories and peer advice.

App Talks: Twitter Transforms Comp Management

Twitter has leveraged Xactly Incent, a cloud-based incentive compensation management solution that integrates seamlessly with salesforce.com to escape from incredibly intensive Excel-based compensation management.  

Find out how the Twitter team completely transformed compensation management to keep up with its rapid global growth:  

Listen to how it all started. (complete story)

Take Control of the Comp Process

Leaving Cumbersome Comp Management Spreadsheets in the Dust

“We were supporting 400 sales people, 20 unique comp plans, and 20 different locations with spreadsheets. We knew using spreadsheets was going to be unsustainable. With how quickly we were hiring and building our sales organization, we knew we needed to invest in a different medium to manage sales compensation…salesforce.com is a tool that’s very integral to our sales organization, so we needed a tool that would complement our existing salesforce.com platform, making Xactly a natural tool for us to invest in.”  

Find out how to balance ease of interface, user and experience.

Twitter Transforms Comp Management With Xactly

Getting Sales Teams Up-to-Speed and Reaping the Rewards in Motivation and Engagement

“Our global sales teams were impressed by the visibility and ease of use we introduced with Xactly. And, as you can imagine, we needed a tool that was flexible enough to cover all of our different regions and all the nuances that we saw in each of our different locations. The visibility has provided another medium of motivation and engagement – where sales folks can look at each and every opportunity, look at their pipeline, and ultimately understand the impact on what they bring home at the end of the day.”

Learn about Joe’s Rollout Roadshow and the Twitter Sales Team’s reactions:

Twitter Transforms Comp Management with Xactly

Tips to Follow Twitter’s Comp Transformation Success

In a mere year since implementing Xactly for compensation management, the Twitter Sales Compensation team has said goodbye to spreadsheets, wowed sales team members with a new level of visibility and accountability, and mapped a future state that will really unlock the motivational power of compensation management integrated with salesforce.com

Joe’s Top Tips for Sales Compensation Peers:

  1. Be thoughtful about configuration especially for rapidly evolving companies.
  2. Build something with a solid foundation that allows for all the people and comp changes you will experience as you grow.
  3. Understand that compensation management is not just an administration tool for tracking commissions – it can and should be a medium to further motivate and engage sales teams.

Want to really grow up in the eyes of your sales team? Check out Joe’s sage advice:

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