I admit it: I have a huge #brandcrush on Audi. I love just about every car and marketing move they make. But even if you don't have a thing for this particular brand, you can take a page from the company's use of Instagram and apply the practices to your own brand's Insta-presence.

So, what's to love? Audi uses Instagram the way Systrom and Krieger (creators) intended. Here's a quick look at what they're doing right.

The best corporate Instagram accounts are:

When NFL season kicked off, Audi posted this photo with the caption, "Running circles around everybody else, as usual. Welcome to Sunday." The combination of great timing, borderline arrogance, and competitive spirit worked beautifully (32.6 thousand likes).

In another post, here's how Audi celebrated National Dog Day.

And in another, here's how the brand reacted to the 2013 repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Whether it's reposting a fan's photo of the logo in sparklers on July 4th or launching an ongoing campaign like the "50 States of Audi," the brand participates with other users. As with all social networks, it's the give-and-take, two-way content sharing that makes it work.

Above all else, Instagram is designed for eye candy-and Audi delivers just that. The account is filled with beautiful shots that make you yearn for an empty road and a full gas tank.

Even if you're not selling luxury cars, consider how you can step up your brand's Instagram account by finding your own ways to be timely, interactive, and visually appealing.