has just been named as one of the Top 10 Companies for Compensation & Benefits 2014 by Glassdoor. We are honored to be recognized alongside other amazing companies, and are especially proud that this award is based entirely on anonymous feedback from our employees.

We work hard to create an awesome rewards and benefits package that takes care of our employees and their families--and also includes some over-the-top, Aloha-style surprises (we can’t give away all our secrets...but past unexpected perks have included tickets to sporting events and rock concerts, and shopping sprees). Check out the full list of honorees here.

Not surprisingly, employees who feel valued and are pleased with their rewards are more likely to be productive and successful. Is your company looking to up its game when it comes to compensation and benefits?

Here are three great ways to stay competitive and to keep employees coming back for more:

1. Encourage Philanthropy

We hear over and over again that one of the most meaningful benefits we offer is the opportunity to give back. Every employee gets six paid days off every year to volunteer, and nonprofit donation matching up to $5,000. All employees who complete their six days also receive a $1,000 champion grant that they can donate to the nonprofit of their choice. By giving your employees the time and money to support the causes they believe in, your company, your people, and your community will all benefit.

“After meeting my volunteering requirements for the year, I was able to take my $1,000 Champion Grant and donate it to a daycare center in the rural town I grew up in. They were very thankful and plan to spend the money on technology that they would not have been able to afford without this grant. As an employee, it feels great to give back, and it feels even better to do good with financial awards as well.” Gay T., Customer Success Management Director

2. Incentivize Stock

Our employees maximize their compensation by participating in our Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), which gives them a 15% discount on stock (watch this video for more info). Our program launched three years ago, and was clearly compelling--75% of employees currently participate. If you have a publicly traded company, make sure you have an ESPP program and that it’s competitive. If you invest in your employees, they will invest in your company’s future...and everybody wins.

“I just enrolled in ESPP--I was instantly sold on it. 15% discount off the lowest price between the start and end dates of the period is tough to overlook. Thank you!” - Gabe A., Director, Platform and Architecture

3. Champion Wellness

Healthy employees are happy employees, so we offer employees a monthly $100 wellness credit. This credit can be used on almost anything that will keep our employees feeling great, like gym memberships, dance classes, massages, and even ski lift tickets. When your company is thinking about perks, strongly consider programs that give employees the freedom to pursue their own passions on their own time.

“When I joined, I hadn’t worked out in years. With the $100-a-month stipend, I started working out three times a week and have kept it up for a year. I have muscles I didn’t even know I had, and my stamina has greatly improved. may have added five years to my life. Keep it up,!” - Greg W., Solution Architect

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