Better productivity is music to the ears of most, if not all, business leaders. It certainly rings true at Bowers & Wilkins, the largest premium audio enterprise in the world. The company sells its 200 products, from iPod docks to large freestanding speakers, through a network of 300 independent retailers, plus Apple, Best Buy/Magnolia, and online stores.

Bowers & Wilkins has used Salesforce CRM for some time to “listen to what’s happening to customers,” says Doug Henderson, President of B&W, North America. Now, thanks to the Salesforce1 Mobile App, the company is able to get even closer. The tool gives sales reps and beyond a 360-degree view of all things related to their customers right on their smartphones and devices.

Here are three big ways this new access has increased productivity at Bowers & Wilkins:

1. Real-Time Power

Having mobile tools in place has been very important to Bowers & Wilkins. The Salesforce1 Mobile App gives the company’s field sales reps the power to use Salesforce wherever they are, including some 1000 retail locations. Reps can input notes, log tasks, and update lead or contact records, all on-site and in real-time. This is a sharp contrast to the previous method of writing things down and then entering it into Salesforce later.

2. Custom Actions

Custom records and publisher actions within the Salesforce1 Mobile App have also made inputting things like call records a breeze. According to company System Administrator Mike Sheehan, “It’s easy to customize the app and it saves time and effort for the team, so they can spend more time on site, helping customers.” Henderson adds, "We customized the Salesforce1 Mobile App to be in tune with the way we do business."

3. Improved Reporting

Reporting and response times have become even more vital for Bower & Wilkins as they continue to expand their distribution. A special team of field marketing reps regularly visit retailers to make sure that products are not only in stock, but also merchandised correctly. Custom call reports built within the Salesforce1 Mobile App mean the team can easily note any needed follow-ups. These tasks can then be routed through the organization. In addition, metrics are quickly gleaned to support ongoing sales efforts.

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