Inside salespeople are struggling to survive in today’s dying telephone culture. But there are still a lot of dialers out there to create connects and 
the phone continues to be one of the biggest workplace interruptions, with email trailing behind.

We are in the business of engagement, trust, and quick response. Texting is steadily making its way into the workplace and being integrated into the sales process.

With the increase of BYOD (bring your own device) and stats such as the average person looks at their cell phones 150 times per day, texting has become a staple of daily communications between salespeople and customers.

Here are a few things to remember as texting quickly becomes the new prospecting tool:

  • Response - We are all in the business of yes or no responses. Texting is one of the fastest ways to get a reply (text messages are read typically within the first five seconds), increase connectivity, confirm appointments, gain trust, motivate employees, solve problems, and strengthen your brand.
  • Fully Integrated – According to a recent industry report from Frost and Sullivan, text messaging is the missing piece of the communications stack. That means that texting must be fully integrated into your high profile outreach efforts, but only after some initial contact has been made.
  • Tone and Grammar Basics – Remember the basics on tone, watch your grammar, and don’t send out text abbreviations (LOL, OMG, IMHO, BFF). It’s not professional and not everyone will understand them.

Below are some common types of text messages that can be integrated into your communications with a prospect as long as trust has been established:

Ask Permission to Call

When the phone is seen as a big interruption, texting is a great way to ask for permission to call them.

“Hi Bob, this is Susan Smith from ABC Corp. Can I give you a call on Thursday to discuss your content management initiatives?”

Text Appointment Confirmation

Anyone on your calendar should receive a text reminder and confirmation. This is one of the best ways to keep it from being cancelled.

“Hi Bob, this is Susan Smith with ABC Corp, are we still on for 4 pm today? Looking  forward to it.”

Text Upcoming Renewal Request

If you are working in a renewals group and absolutely cannot get in touch with your contact, sending them a text will quickly get their attention. 

“Hi Bob, this is Susan Smith with ABC Corp, I would like to avoid your subscription lapsing in coverage as it expires in four days. Can we sync up today for a few minutes to discuss reinstatement?”

Text Demo or Appointment Follow-Up

Lead follow-up continues to be sluggish and we know that customers can vanish fairly quickly. Get in the habit with quicker follow-through.

“Hi Bob, thanks for being on that demo last week. I’m eager to get your take on it. Can I call later today to discuss? Thanks, Susan Smith from ABC Corp.”

Team Motivational Texts

Texting is one of the best ways managers can get team members’ attention and is a great way to squeeze more out of your team. 

 “Today is the start of three huge deals. Knock ‘em dead!”

“Thx for moving mountains today- we’re WINNING!"

As with all sales best practices, focus on building trusted relationships and employ new channels like text messages when it adds convenience for your customer or team member, and strengthens your communications.

 About the author

Josiane Feignon

Josiane Feigon is a pioneer, maverick, and visionary in the inside sales community and is one of the Forbes Top 30 Social Salespeople in the World. She is the author of Smart Sales Manager and the best-selling Smart Selling on the Phone and Online, and the founder of TeleSmart Communications, a leader in developing inside sales teams and managers. Follow her on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn. For more on inside sales strategies and trends, subscribe to Feigon's blog and sign up for her Email Newsletter or her Smart Selling Motivational Texts


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