The smartphone is the most intimate piece of technology individuals own. When consumers allow brands to market to them via mobile, they are extending an invitation into their personal lives. Consumers want exclusive information, relevant deals and promotions, and innovative experiences on their mobile phones.

Brands that see success in mobile marketing are the ones that treat this opportunity as a privilege and offer personalized value with every mobile interaction.

Check out a few of the MVPs in mobile marketing below. Learn how they take mobile apps, push notifications, and SMS messaging to the next level to build highly engaged mobile customers:


  • Starbucks nailed their Frappuccino Happy Hour campaign in May with SMS and MMS mobile messages. They used creative keywords like "WOOHOO" and "SMILE" to get customers to text in (to 22122) and receive fun GIFs every other day of the campaign.
  • Starbucks has also proven itself as a leader in mobile with their mobile app, integrated with a seamless mobile payment system. Since introducing mobile payment features in 2011, Starbucks has seen mobile payments increase to 14% of its in-store transactions in the U.S. Starbucks has a total of 10 million app downloads and sees over 5 million mobile transactions in the US every week.

The New York Mets & MLB Ballpark App

  • Using the MLB mobile app, the New York Mets are one of the first brands to use iBeacons at the baseball park to send fans push messages based on their proximity to certain locations. At the Mets' games, fans receive a welcome push message upon entering the park and a mobile coupon when walking past select food vendors. The Mets also use the iBeacons to promote special locations for fans to check out, like their trophy case.

Rue La La

  • With personalized push messages, Rue La La does a great job at reengaging customers who haven't interacted with the brand in a while. Customers turn to brands that make them feel like unique individuals, rather than members of a large customer base. By using consumer data, Rue La La is able to personalize each customer's experience and have a 1:1 conversation, leading to return purchases and higher engagement.


  • Kroger is leading the way for personalized transactional mobile messages. Kroger displays call-to-actions around their stores for customers to text-in to receive pharmacy reminders via SMS. Kroger sends 100% personalized SMS messages to subscribers reminding them which prescriptions are almost ready to be filled, along with pharmacy contact information localized to each customer.

Brands that want to succeed in digital marketing must develop a strong and personalized mobile strategy. Learn how other brands are blazing the trail in mobile marketing on our new Mobile Swipe File.