Social Media Examiner recently released their annual social media study to learn how 2,800 marketers use social media to grow and promote their business.

I love these reports, not only because they provide insights to marketers such as myself, but because they demonstrate the power of what strong, smart data can provide.

I encourage you to read the 50-page report here, but for a taste of the good stuff, here are the key stats:

1.     92% of marketers feel social media is important for their business.

2.     89% of marketers want to know the most effective social media tactics and engagement techniques.

3.     97% of marketers are participating in social media marketing.

4.     85% feel like they don't know what social media tools are best.

5.     83% are concerned about how to target customers and prospects on social media.

6.     49% have being doing social media marketing for one to three years.

7.     83% of marketers have integrated social media into traditional marketing activities.

8.   64% of marketers are using social media six hours or more a week.

9.   19% of marketers spend more than 20 hours each week on social media.

10.  92% felt their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses.

11.  80% felt increased traffic was the second major benefit of social media.

12.  72% of marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans.

13.  71% are using it to gain marketplace intelligence.

14.  74% of marketers who spend 40-plus hours on social media earn new business through their efforts.

15.  50% report social media has not helped them improve sales.

16.  95% say spending six hours per week on social media increased exposure for their businesses.

17.  61% of B2B marketers were more likely to build new partnerships with social media.

18.  50%+ marketers with more than one year of social media experience generated leads with social platforms.

19.  57% of businesses with ten or fewer employees said social media reduced marketing expenses.

20.  58% of marketers using social media for more than one year saw an increase in search rankings.

21.  77% of B2C marketers are more likely to develop a loyal fan base through social media than B2B marketers (64%).

22.  49% of B2C marketers are more likely to increase activities than B2B marketers (32%).

23.  68% of marketers plan to blog more.

24.  Only 8% say blogging is the most important social media platform.

25.  74% of B2B marketers are more likely to increase blogging compared to B2C marketers (63%).

26.  54% of marketers selected Facebook, when asked to choose one platform.

27.  34% of marketers think that their Facebook efforts are effective.

28.  50% of B2C marketers feel their Facebook efforts are working.

29.  Only 34% of B2B marketers feel their Facebook efforts are working.


30.  88% of marketers just starting out in social media choose Facebook to begin their efforts.

31.  68% of B2C marketers choose Facebook as their leading social media platform.

32.  79% of marketers with one to two years of social media marketing experience use Twitter most often.

33.  67% will increase their activities on Twitter.

34.  33% of B2B marketers choose LinkedIn as their leading social media platform.

35.  72% of social media newcomers were more likely to increase their use of LinkedIn.

36.  54% of marketers are using Google+.

37.  65% want to learn more about Google+.

38.  61% plan on increasing Google+ activities in 2014.

39.  85% have no plans to utilize Snapchat.

40.  58% of marketers feel original written content is the most important form of content.

41.  65% of B2B markers say original written content is most important.

42.  24% of B2C marketers place more importance on original visual content.

43.  81% plan to increase their use of original written content.

44.  70% plan to increase their use of infographics.

45.  68% of marketers want to learn more about creating original visual content.

46.  88% of marketers want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities.

47.  30% felt they could measure their social media ROI.

48.  68% of marketers analyze their social media activities.

49.  74% of marketers with five-plus years of social media marketing experience use YouTube most often.

50.  Only 6% of marketers are doing podcasts.

51.  21% plan on doing more podcasting in 2014.

52.  46% of marketers investing 40+ hours per week in social media are much more focused on Instagram.

53.  68% have no plans to utilize geo-location.

54.  67% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube marketing.

55.  50% plan to increase their use of Pinterest.

56.  35% plan on increasing their use of short-form video services like Vine.

57.  47% had no plans to use forums.

58.  21% of marketers plan on increasing activities on social review sites like Yelp.

59.  64% have no plans to use social bookmarking like StumbleUpon.

60.  Only 12% of marketers plan on increasing their use of geo-location services like Foursquare.

61.  90% use Facebook ads, followed by LinkedIn ads (20%) and Twitter ads (17%).

62.  94% of B2C marketers are using Facebook ads more than B2B marketers (82%).

63.  74% of marketers say they are not outsourcing their social media efforts.

64.  For those that do outsource, 14% outsource design/development.

65.  85% of social media marketers also use email marketing.

Be sure to check out the full report for more details on these stats.

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