Employee expectations have changed. Technology has transformed the way they connect to each other and consume information in their personal lives. And they want the same level of service, convenience, and access to the information they need at work. The companies that not only recognize this, but also adapt to meet these demands, are seeing a more engaged and productive staff.

One such example is DuPont, a global enterprise with a wide portfolio of science-based products and services. With operations in 70 countries, the company requires a top notch workforce to accomplish its goals of feeding the world, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, and keeping people and the environment safe.

Over the last 18 months, DuPont has undertaken a broad transformation of its human resources organization. The aim is to provide simpler, more efficient, and globally standard services for its more than 65-thousand employees. The technology infrastructure used leverages the core cloud capabilities of the Salesforce1 Platform and the Salesforce1 Service Cloud, integrated with DuPont's HR Portal and Workday.

The first wave of DuPont’s new HR endeavor was rolled out in five countries across Asia Pacific in February, with an additional twelve countries added in June. Latin America will be next this fall, with North America and Europe the focus in 2015. Keep reading for six of the notable benefits DuPont has seen from the HR deployment thus far.

1. Enhanced Employee Experience

Employees are able to access HR solutions via seamless integration between Salesforce, their HR Portal, and Workday. They can also use single sign-on for all three.

2. Centralized Case Management

Employee data, support cases, and knowledge management are now brought together in Salesforce resulting in more comprehensive real-time reporting.

3. Streamlined Service Center Processes

DuPont worked extensively to standardize both processes and roles across the company and world, and built out apps on the Salesforce1 Platform to streamline the processes and increase consistency and visibility.

4. Centralized Repository Management

Cases, knowledge articles, and email communications are easily found in one location. Search and visibility can be privatized and limited within Salesforce based on employee’s access level.

5. Reduced Turnaround Times

Due to the global nature of the implementation and the deployed queue management and workflow, turnaround times have been effectively reduced.

6. Better Service Level Management

The transparency of a global HR organization has resulted in more effective service level management. In addition, new agents can be easily trained because processes are documented so well.

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