Women are growing their footprint in technology, and it’s getting especially big at Dreamforce.  Dreamforce ’13 was all about the power of women, with awesome keynotes by Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg.

This year, we continue to harness the power of women in technology to highlight the idea that Dreamforce brings customers, partners and employees together to network, share, and inspire innovation. Here are a few female-focused initiatives that all women and men should check out:

 1. Women’s Networking Event

The 3rd annual Women’s Networking Event will kick off Dreamforce at 6pm on Sunday, October 12th at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square. Attendees will hear from a panel of women leaders, engage in lively table discussions with women from all roles, and network with salesforce.com customers, partners, and employees. Start the conference on the right foot, and you might even find a new best friend to experience the rest of the conference with.

 2. Inspiring Women Track

With all of the lessons learned in Sheryl and Marissa’s keynotes, along with the Women’s Networking Event, the Dreamforce team was inspired to create an all-new track dedicated to women. These sessions aim to inspire and invigorate they audience. Expect speakers from all areas of life, from athletes to entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

3. Women in Technology Salon

Dev ZoneAfter last year’s first and incredibly successful Women in Technology Salon in the DevZone, we decided to expand and improve our offerings! We surveyed attendees to get their feedback and better understand the women who are a part of the Salesforce developer community to create a killer new experience. The one complaint we heard was that we didn’t have the Salon open long enough. So this year, we’ve decided to plan activities around Diversity in Tech all week. We’ll also have a Community Lounge to serve as a meeting place for different community groups, as well as Community Theater sessions.

4. More Women Speakers in the DevZone

WITExpect to see more women on stage this year than ever before. Year after year, the number of female speakers at Dreamforce has increased. But the DevZone has seen a low number of session submissions from women, and our developer relations team wanted to change that. In an effort to increase the diversity of our developer track speakers, salesforce.com’s Mary Scotton (see her Women in Technology Blog here) encouraged women and underrepresented minorities to submit session ideas. We've seen a huge increase in submission from women this year

5. Girly Geeks

One of our greatest Dreamforce stories is the origin of Girly Geeks. The Girly Geeks were founded in 2010 by of Geraldine Gray, principal at Endiem and Salesforce MVP, who recognized that women attending Dreamforce needed a way to connect with other female attendees. The first year started with just 20 or so people and a few glasses of wine, but it provided a real and virtual venue for ladies to connect before, during and after the conference. There are now more than 30 chapters of Girly Geeks around the world! It is true that there were (and still are) many conversations about comfy shoes and party outfits. But the group has done much more, becoming a place to find career advice, job opportunities, support, and friendship throughout the year.  Join the Success Group to get in on the fun.


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