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After a stellar kickoff episode with MVP Geraldine Gray and Bizible CEO Aaron Bird, our fifth App Mavericks chat involves an interview with John Lankes, the co-founder of GPS Dashboard, a location-aware “Check-in” app. I spent some time with John getting to know how the app helps Salesforce customers become more productive. Check out the top takeaways:

3 key highlights:

  1. The user experience—it’s simple to set up and use. During our webchat, John showed me how a mobile user can “check-in” with taps—no typing required. It's perfect for mobile users.

  2. GPS Dashboard leverages the native functionality of Salesforce1. Reps can check-in and check-out from an event record using their mobile device, which is perfect for appointment scheduling.

  3. Management can finally answer some important questions with accuracy and little effort: Was my field rep at the appointment on time? How long were they there? Who’s the closest person in the field that we can send to a customer?

Quick Takes:

  • Field reps love it because it’s easy—a couple of taps and they're done

  • Managers love it because they’re seeing the data in real time—what work has been completed and what their teams are working on right now

  • Admins love it because it’s easy to set up and configure, and the data is stored in Salesforce (so they can run analytics!)

  • There’s a universal need to provide this service to Salesforce users all over the globe, and GPS Dashboard is answering the call

Behind the Scenes:

What’s the secret sauce of Check-in? Any business with a mobile sales or service team, no matter where in the world they are,’s location, location, location!

Learn more:

Check out the GPS Dashboard Check-in app listing on the AppExchange.



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