Mobile tools are giving companies opportunities for connecting to and serving their consumers in ways not possible before. This is a huge advantage in many industries, including hospitality, where offering amazing service is not only expected, but can also be a major differentiator.

Take luxury destination club Inspirato, which provides its members the opportunity to travel and stay in exclusive, beautiful vacation homes all over the world. What sets the Denver-based company apart is the signature level of attention enjoyed by its members, powered by the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Personal Vacation Advisors (PVAs) at Inspirato get to know the unique preferences of members, from their favorite destinations, to their birthday, to their drink of choice, and incorporate these into trip planning. On-site Destination Concierges (DCs) then manage each vacation element from arrival to departure.

Every member preference is saved within Salesforce and made accessible, anywhere, at anytime, by the Salesforce1 Mobile App. “We’re the poster child for it. We need very robust information on-demand about the vacations we offer and customers we serve, and that’s really what Salesforce1 provides,” says company president David Kallery.

Scaling successfully

Inspirato prides itself on a very high customer retention rate and satisfaction. With Salesforce and the Salesforce1 Mobile App, they were able to grow their membership from 2,000 to nearly 8,000 in less than two years, without missing a beat.

“Using spreadsheets and sticky notes would not have allowed us to scale. There’s no way we would have been able to maintain the high satisfaction and retention if we had not gone through this implementation,” says Kallery.

Real-time collaboration

While much of Inspirato’s workforce is located in Denver, the company also has employees and contractors all over the world. It’s much harder for this group to sit behind a computer as they spend much of their day on-site serving customers.

DCs specifically use the Salesforce1 Mobile App to view member preferences and requests captured by the PVAs back at headquarters. They also contribute valuable information to personal profiles as a result of working with members face-to-face during their trips, all in real-time from their phones.

Consistent service

When helping a group or family plan a vacation, details get very specific. Every element of this communication is captured on a feed within the Salesforce1 Mobile App and saved to a member-specific trip object. This includes what went right and what didn’t.

If in the future a member wants to replicate all or part of that trip, all the PVA has to do is refer to that object. Inspirato has found this to be especially valuable in the rare case of employee turnover. New hires are easily brought up to speed without impacting service. 

Looking ahead

When it comes to future plans for how it will use the Salesforce1 Mobile App, Inspirato is set to roll out collaboration communities between customers, PVAs, and DCs. This will allow members to file tickets from their smartphones, which will populate into Salesforce and the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Field personnel can then react more quickly to any service requests or concerns.


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