At this year's Connections Product Keynote, we heard how some great companies are using the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to create 1:1 customer journeys. Gregg Johnson, SVP of Product Management for the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, presented on how McDonald's is using Social Studio to transform their corporate social strategy into a regionalized one. With over 14,000 restaurants in the US alone, managing an individual social presence for each region is a huge task. In fact, McDonald's is the first company to take on an endeavor of this size. And with 32 million likes on Facebook and 2.5 million Twitter followers, there is an incredible amount of social data to manage.

With Salesforce's Social Studio, McDonald's is engaging with their customers in new and personalized ways. According to Johnson, there are four main components to marketing with Social Studio:

  1. Analyze - Learn about your customers through data
  2. Publish - Build brand awareness with relevant content
  3. Engage - Influence through thought-leadership
  4. Care - Be there for your customers

Using the social content calendar, McDonalds can align teams and campaigns across the company, while allowing customization for individual regions. They can monitor comments and questions, and analyze the success of their campaigns in the performance dashboard. They can even assign people to respond to high priority comments or questions-like someone who has a question related to food allergies for example.

David Martinelli, US Digital Marketing Manager for McDonalds, said the company plans to have a Facebook presence for every single restaurant. They are already halfway to that goal with 7,000 restaurants already deployed. McDonald's provides customers with relevant, real-time content by utilizing Facebook's mobile capabilities to locate the nearest locations to that customer, and send them region-specific offers. To showcase this, they actually posted a free coffee offer to the McDonald's Facebook page during the demo, and showed how it could be customized for Connections attendees to redeem at the nearest Indianapolis McDonald's location.

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