Jared Smith, President of Ticketmaster North America joined Marc Benioff on main stage yesterday and told how Live Nation and Ticketmaster had more trending data, purchase data, and live entertainment data than anyone else in the world, but they were doing very little with it. They decided they needed to instead use that data to create extremely personal customer journeys with their customers and predict their future purchase behavior.

40% of Live Nation's tickets go unsold every year, so their ability to get their message out to as many relevant people as they can is everything to Live Nation. They do this by thinking about a fan's relationship with their brand as a "journey."

Ethan Kaplan, Founder of Live Nation Labs, noted, "The tools provided by Salesforce let us carve that data up to do very, very direct targeting-down a very 1:1 level to find that one fan that you know is going to buy that ticket." Live Nation's apps and website are also all driven from the Salesforce1 platform and Heroku. These apps and the website are just a way to extract more value out of the concert experience.

With the noise in today's marketing messages, it's imperative for you to add value to your customers in your marketing messages or they are going to tune you out.

Michael Rapino, President, CEO, and Director of Live Nation pointed out that, "Salesforce has been incredibly helpful in helping us servicing [our] customers. And they're going to help us run our business better."

To watch the full main stage keynote, check out the Connections 2014 Vimeo channel.