Companies worldwide have built their business on Salesforce. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, the Salesforce1 Platform and the recently announced Community Cloud, companies have a growing arsenal of tools to increase business, capabilities and communications.  At Dreamforce, you can get familiar with these three overlapping products. Here’s how:

1. Get up close and personal with our products in the Product Campground

The Salesforce1 Mobile App 

The Salesforce1 Mobile App will be front and center Mobile workshopsin the Product Campground as part of the Sales Cloud section. Look for a reimagined theater demonstrating Salesforce1 across multiple devices. This will also be the location of the Salesforce1 Mobile Adoption Workshops, where you can get hands on with Salesforce1, and learn how to get your company on-board with Salesforce1 adoption. And don’t miss the self-guided tours and Salesforce1 Mobile App Test Drive that lets you see the latest features.

You can also get hands on with Salesforce1 across the campus at the Salesforce1 Mobile Bars—staffed by experts.

The Salesforce1 Platform

PlatformPlatform will have not one, but two areas on the Product Campground. Again, we will be highlighting Platform, Heroku, and in a single area. Learn about the technology, specifically regarding visual development, integration, coding, connected products, and more, across demos, theater sessions, and from experts. Also, be sure to play “AppMatch”—our AppExchange version of “Memory”—and match apps with how they’re used.

New this year is the App Area in the Product Campground. With over 4 million apps built on the Platform, we’re showing you some of our favorites. Get major inspiration as we show customer facing and employee facing apps built with and Heroku.

And, like every year, head to the DevZone to get a truly hands-on experience with the Salesforce1 Platform!

Community Cloud

We’re welcoming the new Community Cloud to the Pono-music-player-014Product Campground in a big way! With the huge growth of communities, we have some pretty great use cases to show you in the Community Cloud area. You’ve heard that Neil Young will be speaking on the Thursday of Dreamforce. Did you also know that the Community Cloud will be the first to showcase his new music project, Pono Music? Right there in the Community Cloud area, you can be one of the first to experience their higher quality of music, community-based programming (and more) within sound booths and demo stations. You’ll also have a chance to sign up to win one of the yet-to-be released Pono Music Players!

Beyond the Campground, we’ll have interactive sessions including tips, tricks, and best practices in numerous other zones. 

2. Do a deep dive into products at the Product Keynotes

Wednesday, Oct. 15

Salesforce1 Mobile App: 12:30pm in Moscone West 

You can sleep in after the Gala and still make it in time for the Salesforce1 Mobile App keynote! Join Clarence So, EVP Mobile Strategy, to learn how to use mobile to connect and engage with your customers and employees in a whole new way. We'll also highlight best practices for optimizing and rolling out a mobile strategy for your company.

Salesforce1 Platform: 2:00pm in Moscone South

Get ready to go big! Join Mike Rosenbaum, Salesforce 18bits-inline-tmagArticlePlatform EVP, and leading CIOs and CTOs to hear how you can embrace these technologies to innovate and move your business forward. Learn how to build connected apps for your employees, customers, partners. Plus, build products faster than ever to leapfrog your competition. You may also be interested to know we’ll be giving away 10 drones to keynote attendees!

Community Cloud: 3:30pm in Moscone West

You better be ready for some good, high quality tunes. Join Nasi Jazayeri, Community Cloud GM & EVP, and top executives from industry-leading companies to hear how they’re unlocking hidden innovation, engaging with customers on a whole new level, and creating extraordinary mobile experiences using the Community Cloud. Get to know today’s customers’ expectations of a new level of engagement from the companies they do business with. Customer companies of all sizes are creating communities to connect employees, partners, and customers like never before. Learn how you can, too.

3. Sessions To Get You on Your Feet 

As Dreamforce grows, so does the number of breakout sessions available for attendees. Totaling more than 1,450, there will be sessions for everyone. 


UntitledThis year, we have over 50 mobile sessions across Dreamforce. The sessions will focus on mobile for different areas including admins, developers, and more. Hands-on training sessions will focus on enhancing and fully utilizing Salesforce1. On top of that, expect great roadmap sessions and thought leadership on the future of mobile. Don’t forget to take advantage of Pre-Conference Training, including “Customizing your Salesforce1 Application with Clicks” on Sunday, Oct. 12 from 8:30am-4:30pm. 

Community Cloud

Community Cloud is making its Dreamforce debut with Nasimore than 40 fantastic sessions! In line with the overall company focus, Community Cloud will have multiple sessions featuring industry-specific solutions. Get tips, tricks and best practices on how to use the product, and how to jumpstart your own community! Reimagine the use of communities and learn how to successfully do Microsoft and Sharepoint integrations. 


The 75+ Platform sessions will take place right in the DevZone in Moscone West and include visual development, code sessions, product sessions, thought leadership, AppExchange sessions and more. Looking for Big Data answers? IT governance? Identity? Look no further. And don’t you worry, we still have the Tried and True Roundtable available for registrations!


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