When you think “James Bond,” what springs to mind first? Tuxedos? Martinis? Ridiculously cool cars and international locations?

How would he handle Dreamforce?

007 is suave no matter where he is or what he’s wearing, but there’s something special that always sets him apart from his adversaries: his secret weapons. You can be sure he’d be on the lookout for a few at Dreamforce this year. Bond’s gadgets (which he famously gets from Q’s lab) provide him with the latest and greatest technology, giving him that edge he needs to execute on his missions and (usually) save the world.

No secret agent would be complete without a lair full of secret weapons, and we believe the time has come when the same should be true for every sales person. That’s why we built a Relationship Intelligence platform chock-full of secret weapons to help make your job less work. Instead of coming from 007’s Q, this cache of sales gadgets comes from an equally nerdy, technology-obsessed source: RelateIQ.

In August, RelateIQ was acquired by salesforce.com. To kick off our new relationship, we couldn’t be more excited to join our new family at Dreamforce, where we’ll be showcasing a few of our favorite Relationship Intelligence secret weapons:


In today’s digital world, sales is a 24-hour job. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to push toward closing deals and spend hours entering notes. By automating tedious processes, like manual data entry, RelateIQ helps give time back into the hands of the salesperson, so they have more time do what they do best: closing deals.


Automation is a great start, but it becomes exponentially more valuable when you layer it with another sales secret weapon: data science. Companies collect massive volumes of data about their processes and their customers each year, but very few put much of it to good use.

By adding a layer of data science on top of automatic data capture technology, RelateIQ helps you track which leads you need to spend more time with, flags important emails you may have missed, and even shares when members of your team can help make an warm introduction to a new lead.


Imagine if 007’s tools where just as cool as they are in the movies, but he could only use them in MI6’s offices. Pretty lackluster, right?

To truly serve as secret weapons, we knew our products had to liberate you from being chained to your laptop all day. Your customer data doesn’t just live in your CRM, so it needs to be wherever you are, whether that’s in your inbox or on-the-go via smartphone. That’s why our robust Chrome and mobile offerings give you the flexibility to close deals from anywhere, even in line at your local coffee shop.

Check Out RelateIQ at Dreamforce

You’ll have two chances to hear more about Relationship Intelligence as a sales secret weapon at Dreamforce: 

RelateIQ Session: Wednesday, October 15 4:30 - 5:10 p.m. Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena - Salons 4-6 With RelateIQ customer, Paul Cheesebrough of News Corp.

RelateIQ Session: Thursday, October 16 11-11:40 a.m. Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena - Salons 1-3 With RelateIQ customer, Kenny Van Zant of Asana.

At both sessions, our co-founders, Steve Loughlin and Adam Evans, will be speaking about the impact Relationship Intelligence is having on today’s workforce, and our VP of Product, DJ Patil, will discuss what the future holds for data science.

You’ll also have a chance to hear from some of our customers, Paul Cheesbrough of News Corp. on Thursday and Kenny Van Zant of Asana, about how relationship intelligence has helped their teams increase productivity, collaboration, and given them a competitive advantage.

Now listen up, agents: make sure you register now. On Wednesday we’ll be raffling off a luxury trip to one of 007’s favorite spots—Monte Carlo! And on Thursday, you’ll have a chance to win tech worthy of Bond himself: a Google Glass or an iPhone 6.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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