Being an industry leader is a vulnerable position in any market. The pressure to continue to do what's made you successful and shirk the need for innovation often becomes too great to resist. While this once was a strategy that could sustain an advantage for years, companies that fail to innovate today are run down by scrappy competitors in a matter of months.

As a scrappy startup that changed the entire software industry, this is something we know well, and it's what motivates us to constantly evolve, improve, and push the boundaries of every industry.

That's why this year at Dreamforce, you didn't just see a small upgrades to Salesforce's Sales Cloud tools; you saw new products and tools that will define the next generation of the sales profession, fine tuning efficiency, effectiveness, and success.

What The Book Is About

We’ve created our newest e-book, 10 Dreamforce Announcements That Will Shape Sales in 2015, to highlight the new tools Salesforce has released for sales professionals. From advanced analytics tools powered by the new Analytics Cloud to a Salesforce1 Mobile App redesigned to help maximize productivity, the new Sales Cloud is the future of sales, available right now, and this e-book is your first glimpse. Available today.


The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book is divided into three specific chapters:

Sell Smarter. To be successful, sales teams need to focus on not just working harder than their competition, but working smarter too. To help make this happen, Salesforce has added three new products that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your sales team: Sales Reach, Sales Coach, and Sales Analytics. 

Sell Faster. Companies need to grow their accounts fast, find new customers faster, close deals faster, and be able to do all of this from anywhere. Salesforce has added new functionality and mobile apps to make this easier than ever.

Be Unstoppable. The modern sales professional needs to be able to sell from anywhere, backed by an incredible wealth of technology, and access to the collective intelligence of their entire organization through social collaboration. Salesforce transforms the best sales reps from merely effective, to unstoppable. You can go anywhere and do anything with the power of Salesforce and the new Sales Cloud.


Get the E-Book

The e-book is now available to download for free. Download 10 Dreamforce Announcements That Will Shape Sales in 2015 to learn how Salesforce is making the sales team of the future a reality today.

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