From the playfully spooky to the downright frightening, there's just something about Halloween that makes us marketers get a little weird. Whether promoting the latest horror flick at the theater or trying to pass off candy corn as an acceptable treat (hint-it's not), 'tis the season for brands to don their oddest and most creative campaigns. Here are three scary-good campaigns:

Bite-Sized Content from Oreo

For the consumer-packaged goods industry, Halloween is practically Christmas. With candy sales expected to top $2.5 billion this season, it's clear while some pull out all the stops. A regular in the "most creative" category, Oreo, does not disappoint.

Launching the The Oreo Laboratorium, the cookie brand makes adorably short videos of Nomsters.

Engaging their social communities to name these creations, Oreo brings a layer of competition to the campaign. And they even have different winners for each channel.

On Facebook

On Twitter

You can check out all the current and future Nomsters on Oreo's Instagram. And while you've got a sweet tooth, swing over to their Pinterest board for some spooky treats.

Trulia Terrorizes

However, Halloween isn't just for the food and beverage industries. Digital-relator Trulia brings the fear factor with a hidden-camera prank video.

TL;DR Unsuspecting homebuyers step into a haunted open house. Bonus points for using the great tagline "Home searching so easy, it's kinda scary."

But Trulia doesn't stop there. They also updated a part of their website with "Unnatural Hazard Maps" detailing zombie infestations, ghost sightings, and vampire bites. Trulia also promotes these via Twitter, with the hilarious hashtag #nomnom.

Best of all, Trulia created the Trulia Housing Scare Report infographic with some interesting facts from prospective homebuyers:

Crest Doesn't Cramp Halloween's Style

For a brand that should be anti-Halloween, Crest does a great job with a refreshing angle. Knowing full well that kids will do what kids do, the dental brand simply says that after all is said and done, Crest has you covered.

One of the best parts of the campaign is when they put a bunch of cute kids in costumes, load them up on sugary candy, and "observe" the effects.

Crest also uses this great spot to add some lighter fare to their Twitter feed:

Crest also used this as a way to promote coupons and savings special to the holiday:

If I could, I'd give Crest the "Best Sportsmanship" award for their approach to this candy-fueled season.

Honorable Mentions

While not a full-fledged campaign, IKEA gets an honorable mention from us for this spot, inspired by The Shining.

Another goes out to 160-years-young Morton Salt brand. They're holding a Morton Salt Girl Halloween costume contest. I think she's probably a vampire-there's no way she's 100.


If you haven't heard about the Subway ad that promotes women eating right so they'll fit in their sexy Halloween costumes, read this article from Adweek.

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