Dreamforce attendees and Salesforce family, Tony Robbins and Marc Benioff have a pretty awesome offer for you.

Here's the deal: Marc Benioff has arranged for Dreamforce attendees to get a free copy of Tony Robbins' new book, Money: Master the Game ($28.95 value) — and for each person who receives the book, Tony will donate $100 to help fight hunger. 

This opportunity is only available until this Saturday, Oct. 18, so read on:

How it works:

  1. Go to moneymasterthegame.com and sign up for your free copy of the book, plus three Tony Robbins videos (you pay shipping & handling).
  2. Post this link — http://tonyr.co/1DfHpmd — on social media, along with the hashtag #DFGives.
  3. For each of the first 5,000 people who order the book, Tony will donate 100 meals to charity. If 5,000 of us order it, that's another half a million meals donated at Dreamforce '14 — on top of our initial goal of 1 million meals, which Tony already doubled!

This is big. In addition to Marc Benioff's and Tony Robbins' commitments to match this year's initial Dreamforce goal of donating 1 million meals (for a total goal of 3 million meals donated!) to fight hunger, with this new commitment from Tony, together we could raise 3.5 million meals!

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