Getting a contract to a customer in one minute instead of one hour may sound like an impossible feat of customer service, but for Meritage Homes, it isn't. Back in 2011, the company’s visionary leadership team implemented a Salesforce CRM and an app by Drawloop, sparking a technology revolution and creating a faster, more efficient process for putting their customers in the homes of their dreams.

Steve Thompson, Principal Application Systems Specialist at Meritage Homes, now the #9 publicly traded custom homebuilding company in the United States, shares how their Salesforce CRM and the LOOP Document Services app by Drawloop changed their processes for the better. The solutions they implemented improved the home-buying experience for their customers, created huge new efficiencies within the company, and led to a prestigious award of the #2 most trusted home builder. For a deeper dive into their four business-changing results, keep reading below the video.

What were the results from implementing Salesforce and Drawloop’s LOOP Document Services app? A few highlights, below.

  1. Meritage Homes reduced the 1200+ decentralized and non-standardized documents to 125 documents across the entire company, according to  Thompson of the Salesforce and Drawloop implementation. “It’s been very transformational. It’s allowed us to roll out new business processes in a fraction of the time as before."
  2. Contract-generation time went from more than one hour to less than one minute. LOOP Document Services by Drawloop gives Meritage Homes the ability to generate only the documents specific to each sale’s unique characteristics, significantly accelerating the contract-generation process.
  3. Multiple individual contracts within a state were streamlined to one primary document per state. Meritage Homes now standardizes documents at the state level, with only unique details requiring contract edits.
  4.  The sales team doubled but the IT team remained the same size. The new tools fueled sales growth, but also allowed the IT team to support that growth without adding headcount.  

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