It’s predicted that more than five billion people worldwide will use connected devices by 2017. As of January 2014, 58% of American adults have a smartphone and are already leveraging mobile and social technology to run their personal lives.

A big challenge for organizations of all sizes is to offer modern solutions that transform their business, appeal to employees, and connect to customers.

The Salesforce1 Mobile App, powered by the cloud, is designed for the mobile and social world in which we live and work. Companies can now sell, service, and market faster, all from the app. 

What the Book Is About

In a new e-book, 8 Great Reasons to Run Your Business From Your Phone: From Real Companies, we’ve compiled the stories of just some of the many companies that are already using the Salesforce1 Mobile App, plus the dramatic benefits they've seen as a result. Available today.

The Structure of the E-Book

Below are two highlights and be sure to download the full e-book for all eight reasons and complete details on what each company has accomplished and how you can innovate in the same way at your business. 

Reason #1: It helps you grow your business

Small businesses typically want to grow. However, rapidly increasing in size can be both a blessing and a curse. The latter tends to happens if the organization lacks the processes and technology to support that growth. On the flip side, a company with the right tools in place can more than thrive.

Take the Canadian-based Athena Software, a leading global provider of case management software and services for nonprofits and the public sector. Athena has used Salesforce CRM to build and manage its client database almost from its inception in 2006.

When the Salesforce1 Mobile App was released last fall, they were quick to jump on board. The company has seen 30% growth year-over-year and has expanded beyond North America to four other continents. In addition, they have doubled their number of employees, now serve some 600 agencies, and host in excess of 10,000 users every day.

Reason #2: It increases productivity

Better productivity is music to the ears of most, if not all, business leaders. It certainly rings true at Bowers & Wilkins, the largest premium audio enterprise in the world. The company sells its 200 products, from iPod docks to large freestanding speakers, through a network of 300 independent retailers, plus Apple, Best Buy/Magnolia, and online stores.

Bowers & Wilkins has used Salesforce CRM for some time to connect to manage customer relationships. Now, thanks to the Salesforce1 Mobile App, the company is able to get even closer. The tool gives sales reps and beyond a 360-degree view of all things related to their customers, right on their smartphones and devices.

Reps can input notes, log tasks, and update lead or contact records, all onsite and in real-time. Custom records and publisher actions within the app have made inputting things like call records a breeze, while custom call reports mean field marketing reps can easily note any needed follow-ups after retailer visits.

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