For your company to continue to grow its sales numbers, you can choose to implement a number of different strategies, including adding new reps or product lines, increasing efficiencies, and adding support staff to assist your team. Another strategy, embraced by many companies, is to build reseller channels. Why would you want to add resellers to the mix? Here are 4 benefits:

1. Increase sales presence
Adding resellers is an easy way to expand your business into new territories locally, nationally and even internationally without the expense of building out your own internal sales organization. You empower partners to expand your selling reach beyond the regions where you currently sell. Perhaps your business has been limited by a lack of sales reps or resources in some regions -- fix the problems by adding resellers.

2. Increase brand awareness 
By using a network of resellers you can increase your band awareness at little cost to your company. Resellers often use their own marketing teams to send out emails and run promotions or campaigns related to your company and product. And if your reseller truly believes in your product and enjoys selling it, then you will have their entire team acting as brand ambassadors on your behalf, whether they are at a networking event or a client meeting, you can feel assured that they will be happy to speak very highly of your product, just as any member of your team would.

3. Established customer base 
Empowering resellers gives you access to sell your product to their current customers. The have already established relationships with these customers, and understand their needs and how to address them. Strategic resellers and partners can open the door to new vertical markets that may otherwise be inaccessible or require significant marketing investment to enter. Perhaps part of your company's strategic vision is to focus on a growing vertical in which you have little experience. By adding a reseller with experience in that industry, you gain instant credibility.

4. Larger sales staff
Resellers not only increase your geographic reach, but also add to the overall size of your team, without adding to the overhead of hiring more sales reps. You will recognize the benefits of having an army of additional sales members without needing to add new offices, pay for additional employee benefits and expenses, or recruit and negotiate new employment contracts.

To learn how you can connect your resellers and distributors to your own sales process, and empower them to quote your product to their customers more easily and accurately, check out our Salesforce CPQ for Communities webpage.