Files are critical to every aspect of business. From advertising copy to sales presentations, bills of material and support FAQs, files are core to every process. As we work, we constantly create new files, and these files are stored across a variety of systems and repositories — creating quite a challenge when we need to find them again. In fact, according to recent IDC research, 61% of employees typically access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs. The result? Thirty-six percent of the average workday is spent looking for files. 

New Salesforce Files Connect changes all that for good. Building on the success of Salesforce Files, it connects external file repositories directly with Salesforce — instantly making these files mobile and social. This allows users to quickly and easily browse, search, and share files located in any repository from a single interface, so they can stop searching — and spend their days getting work done.

Now employees can connect files to Salesforce business processes and records regardless of where those files reside. So a sales rep can attach a presentation to a lead residing in Salesforce, or a service rep can share FAQs to close a case — regardless of whether those files are located in Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, or Salesforce Files. In addition, connectors for additional popular enterprise repositories will be added over the coming months, including support for Google Drive. Salesforce Files Connect delivers the true power of universal file sharing for every business.

Integrate Files

Because Files Connect places critical information directly into the flow of your business, you no longer need to exit the system to find an “external file,” save it locally, then re-upload to the cloud for sharing. Every repository becomes a file source, and every search becomes integrated. Files are directly connected to accounts, cases or any Salesforce object, including custom objects. Everyone who works on an account case, or campaign has immediate access to the files they need, whenever, and wherever they need them.

Share and Collaborate

Files Connect files are embedded into Salesforce businesses processes. So users can easily share, connect, and collaborate through our social platforms — Chatter and Community Cloud. Employees can attach files to feeds and groups, placing them in the context of ongoing discussions and critical records, to keep the conversation going, and your business moving. 

Stay Mobile

Business moves fast. With Salesforce, your files will too. Now you can instantly access, view, and share any file, anytime, and from any mobile device, anywhere in the world your team — or your customers — happen to be.

Be Secure

By enforcing existing access permissions for the original file, Files Connect ensures secure sharing. And with advanced permission sharing parameters, you can be sure that only the people who are allowed to see your files will be able to.  

Build Customized Solutions

Engaging partners and customers is easier than ever with the Salesforce Files Connect API, which provides universal file access and sharing capabilities to any app built on the Salesforce1 Platform. For example, now you can build a custom app for manufacturing distributors to share files from Salesforce, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint, and easily distribute business-critical information such as product catalogs, training manuals and promotional materials across multiple repositories.

Rethink the Old Rules of Files Management

As the first company to combine CRM and file integration with the most popular file platform, Salesforce has unleashed files from third-party repositories. So employees across your entire organization can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.