You know I love apps because I work for an AppExchange partner, and discovering new apps is a regular part of my job. That’s why I was pretty excited about the opportunity to meet Peter Mollins, VP of Marketing at KnowledgeTree, for our recent App Mavericks web chat.

KnowledgeTree helps sales reps sell more effectively by pushing the most relevant and compelling content for any sales situation. As reps engage with customers and hone in on what’s most important, KnowledgeTree focuses on cutting through the noise and providing only content that the customer really needs.

Key Features That Appealed to Me:

  • This product sells itself because it surfaces the right messages at the right time to help reps educate prospects. If an opportunity stage is at “demonstration,” for example, it will only show material pertinent to that stage.

  • KnowledgeTree can use custom (and standard) fields to push information to reps in real time. If a customer calls with a concern, reps can bake the inquiry process into Salesforce and use KnowledgeTree to suggest truly targeted solutions.

  • Using the PerfectPitch slide assembly tool, sales reps can quickly grab and customize a deck that exactly matches the situation of their customer’s needs, budget, and timeline.

  • With productivity gains of 20% or more, the sales team can concentrate on selling rather than using their time to hunt and peck for the latest product materials. In my world, productivity is key, and KnowledgeTree helps sales reps get back to what they do best—selling!

  • The marketing team can see exactly who’s using what information to close deals, so they can concentrate their creative efforts and research on developing materials that actually get used.


Quick Takes

  • As a system admin, I can see who’s using which material to close deals and share this data with the marketing team. Win!

  • As a marketer, I can quickly update existing content or expunge old information in a couple of clicks— no need to crawl through a library of ancient catalogues or old product promotion materials. Zing!

  • As a sales rep, I can quickly build and preview content within my opportunity or lead record and I can customize the message to fit my prospect’s needs. Bam!

Behind the Scenes

You can use your existing fields as the taxonomy to drive the rules that serve up the right materials at the right time. And you can start small with one product or industry, and grow the solution to match customer persona, deal size, or even the rep’s role.

Learn More: Check out the KnowledgeTree listing on the AppExchange. 

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