Salesforce Marketing Cloud's 2015 State of Marketing report includes hundreds of marketing data points to inform and guide your strategy in 2015.

For those of us who prefer visual learning, we've created these animated gifs to help you remember some of the most important stats.

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1. 84% of marketers will increase or maintain their budgets in 2015.


From the report: "On average, 84% of respondents plan to increase or maintain their spend on marketing activities and technology in 2015. Marketers in the US plan to increase or maintain spend at the lowest rate of countries and regions surveyed (80%). The top spenders are Canadian and Brazilian marketers: 96% plan to increase or maintain their spend."

2. 73% of marketers say that email is core to their business.


From the report: "Email is an integral touchpoint along the customer journey for the majority of marketers: 73% agree that email marketing is core to their business. We see that email’s importance is on the rise when comparing 2014 to 2015 responses to the question, 'Why is email core to your business?' Sixty percent of marketers in the 2015 survey said that email is a critical enabler of products and services vs. 42% of marketers in 2014."

3. 75% of marketers say birthday email campaigns are very effective — but only 27% use them.


From the report: "When it comes to email, many marketers aren’t trying new campaigns that rank extremely high in effectiveness, instead relying on old standbys. For example, newsletters are used most often but rank lower on overall effectiveness. Mobile opt-in campaigns are rated the most effective, but only 26% of marketers use them."

4. 46% of marketers are doing mobile marketing in 2015 vs. only 23% in 2014.


From the report: "Forty-six percent of marketers surveyed are using some form of mobile marketing — either SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, or location-based functionality — compared to only 23% in our 2014 report. Fifty-eight percent of marketers have a dedicated team to manage their company’s mobile marketing program, up from 35% in 2014."

5. Marketers are increasing budget for social more than any other channel in 2015.


From the report: "The top three areas for marketers to increase budget in 2015 are social media advertising, social media marketing, and social media engagement. This decision to invest more financial resources in social and mobile makes sense, as 64% of marketers see social media marketing as a critical enabler of products and services."

6. 23% of marketers aren't tracking mobile analytics. 8% don't know.


From the report: "Twenty-three percent of marketers using mobile marketing aren't tracking mobile app analytics, and 8% don't know. A successful customer journey requires integrating mobile into your marketing strategy. Among marketers using mobile channels, 68% have integrated mobile marketing into their overall strategy. Sixty-one percent rate the integration as very effective or effective (compared to 46% last year) and 32% rate it as somewhat effective. "

7. 38% of marketers plan to shift spend from traditional mass advertising to digital.


From the report: "More than ever, the time has come to evaluate the money you’re spending on offline advertising with indefinable results. This year, 38% of marketers plan to shift spend from traditional mass advertising to advertising on digital channels."

8. 33% of marketers said their emails are read on a mobile device more than 50% of the time.


From the report: "Sixty-eight percent of marketers view responsive design as absolutely critical/very important to building email marketing campaigns. Yet 17% relate that they’re still struggling to effectively design responsive emails. If you’re among that 17%, make it a priority in 2015 to not only appreciate the importance of responsive design, but also become highly effective at implementing it."

9. Facebook reigns supreme as the #1 social marketing channel.


From the report: "Facebook continues to be the most popular social channel for marketers to engage customers around the world. Marketers are also seeing great success with newer social channels such as Tagged, a social discovery website that reports 300 million members, and Viadeo, a social network geared toward professionals with 65 million members."

10. Podcasts are the #1 social channel to pilot in 2015.


From the report: "30% of social marketers plan to test podcasting in the next 12 months. Other top channels to test are Instagram (29% plan to test), Vine (28% plan to test), and SlideShare (26% plan to test)."

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