“The most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office. You need to make the decision where the customer is.”

–Ulrik Nehammer, CEO, Coca-Cola Germany 

As competition in your industry increases, it is more important than ever for your sales team to be performing at 100%. Salespeople should show up to every call with all the pieces in place to close the sale, every time. Gone are the days of “I will email you the details tomorrow.” You need to have all the information in the moment, the means to connect to your team on the fly, and a tool that is both easy to use and consistent across platforms.

What the Book Is About

Having your sales team equipped with a mobile CRM not only offers a degree of flexibility and efficiency for the individual sales rep, but it is also a proven way to boost sales, increase productivity, and company revenue. Our newest e-book "How to Make Your Road Warriors More Productive" will show you exactly how a mobile CRM can make your road warriors more productive in the following ways: Available today.


The Structure of the E-Book

This e-book will show you exactly how a mobile CRM can make your road warriors more productive in the following ways:

Access to the Right Information 

A mobile workforce must be able to access all the important and relevant information they may need for a meeting, right when they need it. Whether you are looking for a refresher on your prospect’s most recent account activity, support cases, or purchase history, or you want to arm yourself with all the latest product and pricing information, a mobile CRM solution can help you do it in the moment or even onsite at your next meeting. 

Teamwork Makes Selling Easier

Assuming you will have multiple team members handling customer engagements and working deals, a mobile CRM solution is the perfect platform to allow your team to collaborate. Salespeople can use the mobile solution to ask questions, give advice, request resources, and give updates. These interactions bring your team closer together and make them more efficient.

Ease of use 

Above all, mobile sales teams will find their daily functions easier to perform, and with greater efficiency. Sales reps already have their phone in hand for hours each day. Putting your CRM at their fingertips, in a way that matches they way they want to work, eliminates much of the friction and monotony in utilizing the most important CRM features. Removing these barriers allows your sales team to fully tap into everything your CRM has to offer.

The Newell Rubbermaid Story 

With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, Newell Rubbermaid created an informed view of what was working in its sales process and opportunities for early engagement. Newell Rubbermaid now provides proactive notification to leadership for early engagement. Sales managers are also given insight into opportunity aging as well as notifications of big deals.


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