The rumors are true: I have a little crush on CPQ. I’ve seen AppExchange configure-price-quote products rocket our customers to success by streamlining their sales process, dispatching consistent high-quality quotes, and making renewals and add-ons super easy. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to interview Quosal in the most recent App Mavericks Web chat.

Kent McNall, Co-Founder and CEO of Quosal, walked me through the process of how Quosal brings consistency and visibility to your Salesforce opportunities and how its patent-pending Order Porter feature serves up exactly what sales reps need at the right moment.

3 Key Highlights

  • The Order Porter allows reps to submit an e-quote, which customers can then configure to best suit their needs with appropriate add-ons. (Think extra cables or additional licenses.) They can e-sign and submit payment all from the same quote.

  • Quosal customers can escape Spreadsheet Land forever. In one specific customer use case, quotes that used to take 24 hours now take 15 minutes, and the customer increased their sales by 33% because they are typically the first vendor in with an offer.

  • It might sound cheesy but reps can record and add a video snippet to their quote. This actually makes it much easier to draw the customer’s attention to a particular part of the deal without sending a long-winded email.


 Quick Takes

  • As a system admin, I can use standard Salesforce objects to configure my products and product bundles, and then turn it over to the sales reps to start selling.

  • As a manager, I can easily add or approve a special offer or a volume or partner discount on the fly.

  • As a sales rep, I can easily pick my products, review my quote and send it to my customer in about 10 minutes. Okay, 11 minutes if I want to add a video message. 

Behind the Scenes

Because Quosal uses most of the standard Salesforce objects, you don’t even need to change your reports and dashboards. It really streamlines the sales methodology and simplifies the quote-to-cash process, especially when integrated with Quickbooks or your ERP.

Learn More

Check out the Quosal listing on the AppExchange.