We are excited to announce that the first Marketing Cloud release of 2015 is officially live! There are many new and exciting features that you should know about. We are making tremendous progress on delivering on our vision of a fully integrated Marketing Cloud that helps marketers optimize and manage the customer journey. We will have a new tradition going into 2015 where we will give you our Top Ten list each release with the ten most exciting features.

Check out the top ten most exciting features for the Marketing Cloud January 2015 release below:

  1. You will now see our branding changes inside the application as we now call ourselves the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  2. Content-Canvas-UpdatedDynamic Content in Content Builder — Our new cross-channel editor allows you to easily use drag and drop content for a simpler experience for creating emails. Many of our customers have already adopted these new tools.
  3. Journey Builder Date-Based Triggers — This feature simplifies the process of setting up a trigger down to one step. Learn more >
  4. Email Conversion Tracking 2.0 — Leveraging our Web Analytics, you can now tag your website to track conversions such as cart abandons or whitepaper downloads. Learn more >
  5. Journey Maps Navigation and Live Beta — New navigation allows you to more easily navigate to and from an interaction from a Journey Map. Customers can also now sign up to gain access to Journey Maps.
  6. New Microsite Functionality in CloudPages — This new functionality allows you to create and map multiple microsite pages. Learn More >
  7. Contact Builder for MobileConnect and MobilePush is Live — With this release, you can opt into new segmentation and contact management functionality for our mobile products. Learn More >
  8. Predictive Email Display Templates — These templates allow you to select the look and feel of an email, save, and reuse it. Learn More >
  9. Journey-Maps-UpdatedJourney Builder Testing — This feature allows you to test interactions without going live. Learn More >
  10. Email Triggers for Salesforce — Marketing Cloud customers can now send one to one communications to contacts or leads using triggered sends. Learn More >

Check out the full January 2015 release notes for more information on our latest release. 

To learn more about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how it can help you optimize and manage the entire customer journey, request a Marketing Cloud demo today.