This week CES took over Las Vegas. Amid the celebrity sightings, guest speakers, concerts, and driverless cars, the top consumer electronics brands in the world all converge for one epic week of product announcements, keynotes, smart "things," and selfie sticks. 

The reoccurring themes of this year's show were wearable technology, health and fitness, and automobiles. Sony launched the 4K Action Cam. Samsung announced a new 4K TV that bends on command. Mercedes revealed their self-driving concept car. Audi showed off a smart watch that can control a car. And Toyota announced they are planning to release their fuel cell patents to the world.

Throughout this week, we monitored the social conversations taking place around CES. We studied everything from the top brands and themes to the top hashtags and speakers.

Over 735,000 posts about CES were posted on social media this year — a 105% increase from CES 2014 social conversations. The majority (626,000) of these conversations were happening on Twitter. 

Fitness and health wearables were some of the hottest products showcased during the event. Sony, Garmin, and luxury brands such as Swarovski all made an impression on smart watch technology this year.

We also monitored the most popular speakers at CES this year. Samsung’s Boo-Keun Yoon was the most mentioned speaker during CES. In his January 6 keynote he said, “100 percent of the company's products will be IoT enabled.” The second and third most mentioned speakers were Brian Krzanich of Intel and Mark Fields of Ford. Intel, Android, and Sony were the most popular brands in social CES conversations. Check out all the top social media trends and analysis from CES 2015 in our recap below. 

CES 2015 - Social Media Trends from Salesforce Marketing Cloud