If, like me, your life and work are in the cloud, it can be hard to make meaningful connections with your remote colleagues. Think about the things you’d love to do and questions you’d love to ask if you were in the same room—that’s the magic that HireVue brings to your Chatter profiles and feeds.

In the latest App Mavericks web chat, I spoke with Mark Newman, Co-Founder and CEO of HireVue, to learn about their app HireVue for Chatter, which allows users to record smart, short videos and share them directly in Salesforce. As more workplaces become virtual and more teams are based on available skillsets rather than timezones, this is an incredibly powerful tool for any company that wants to bring a personal touch to the workforce. Here are just a few things you can do with HireVue:

  1. Introduce yourself: We know where we file those “I’d like to welcome Bob” emails—mostly in the “I’ll get around to welcoming him someday” folder. HireVue allows newbie employees to introduce themselves and tell their own story in Chatter. Using this app means that the first time everyone meets Bob in real life, they’ll be congratulating him on that big sales win rather than saying, “I didn't know you had an Australian accent!”

  2. Build communities: HireVue is a great way to bridge the gap between faces and names and build a community within your organization. With HireVue, people can share their passions, commitments, and motivations.

  3. Engage your audience with remote “tag”: Beyond introducing themselves, users can ask and answer questions using HireVue. Imagine that you record your message and “tag” the next person on your team and ask them to build on your idea or knowledge. Pretty soon you have a more engaged and knowledgeable group that takes minutes to build regardless of location.


Quick Takes: A Fantastic Way to Overcome Location-Dislocation

  • As a sales leader, I can record and publish my weekly updates in minutes and anyone who is on my team or following me on Chatter can view them.

  • As a sales ops person, I can post a series of short questions and invite the group to respond. Busy salespeople might ignore my emails, but they’re sure to bite if I make collaboration fun.

  • As an admin, I can record short bursts of instruction videos to help users adopt Salesforce and get up to speed quickly without wading through out-of-date instruction manuals.

Behind the Scenes

HireVue tests your camera and microphone setup then lets you record quick, personal videos to increase knowledge sharing and build collaboration across your team, your company and your community.

Learn More

Check out the HireVue for Chatter listing on the AppExchange.

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