Twitter advertising with is segmented into two primary categories — Promoted Tweets (both Search and Timeline) and Promoted Accounts. Both are primarily purchased on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis, however for comparison purposes, they can be viewed on a CPM basis as well. 

Globally in Q3 2014, Promoted Tweet ads have produced a cost per action of $0.34 and a CPM of $12.16. Over the last three quarters, the CPE for Promoted Tweets only increased 10% as advertisers have focused on campaigns with a high likelihood of engagement. These actions include Tweet Favorites, Retweets, or Replies for Promoted Tweets or Account Follows for Promoted Accounts.



As shown by Twitter’s most recent earnings announcement, Twitter has become extremely focused on providing concrete value for this ad unit to advertisers who want to reach an audience interested in specific topics and keywords or are members of specific groups.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead for advertisers in 2015 and look forward to bringing you more insights from the social advertising world throughout the year including a detailed look back at the all important Q4 in advertising.

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