This week, we shed light on the importance of mobile advertising and engaging the customer across multiple devices in retail, and rich interactive media content like video. Today’s customer is connected more than ever before. They are accustomed to having access to what they want, when and where ever they want it. This is why advertising should include mobile for the best opportunities to reach their customers. In addition, multimedia content like video ads can grab the attention of a customer base that tunes out the traditional static ad.

1) The graphic below from Bazaarvoice represents the growth of mobile and its importance in an ecommerce world. The percentage of mobile page views for shopping has significantly increased since July of 2013, with APAC users’ usage in the lead. Today, people are using their devices not only before and after but during their shopping experience. Customers can review a brand, search for a particular product, and store location anytime and anywhere.


2) This next piece of data from TAPAD highlights the large majority of shoppers who are connected via multiple devices. This data shows that 72% of today’s shoppers are researching a product they plan to purchase through digital resources. In addition, 50% of users purchase products online. Advertisers must consider cross-device campaigns to reach today’s shoppers. Facebookand Twitter advertising are a great way to reach these connected users because unlike traditional banner ads, these social channels rely on real user identity from social networks and thus track behavior between multiple devices.


3) Finally, we highly encourage you to look to unique interactive ad formats to reach your customers. The data below, from Twitter, points to the increased rate at which publishers are monetizing inventory using rich media and video ad formats.  These ads also drive increased customer satisfaction. For example, take a look at what a major brand, Jameson, did using 3D video ads to advertise for St. Patrick’s day this year, with the help of Facebook. This capability on Facebook gives advertisers the opportunity to get creative and differentiate themselves from competitors. In Jameson’s 3D ad, they create the illusion that the bartender is sliding the user a shot of Jameson. Pretty cool isn’t it? Now it is your turn!


 Come back next week for more insights, or check out our Advertising Benchmark to learn more.