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We heard you and it’s finally here! This capability is one of the all-time most requested features from the Salesforce user community. Duplicate Alerts and Blocking arrived this year with the Spring ’15 release. Powered by, this will be a standard feature for all Salesforce CRM customers with Professional Edition and above.

So why is this a big deal? Duplicate Alerts and Blocking improves your CRM data quality, so your data is more usable, reliable and relevant. The number one reason for CRM failure is bad data. We all know the frustrations: incorrect customer contact information, missing data, and trying to figure out how to consolidate duplicate records. Take advantage of this new capability and start improving the quality of the information your sales and marketing teams rely on.

What this Guide is About

This indispensable guide covers everything customers need to know about the Duplicate Alerts and Blocking capability, which identifies and prevents the entry of duplicate records into their Salesforce CRM.

The Structure of the Guide

Our guide is designed to get you started on improving the quality of your CRM quickly. There are only 3 tips you need to know in order to familiarize yourself with the new feature:

#1. Learn the rules of the game

#2. Give the duplicate detection a power boost

#3. Clean your data for a better CRM

Be sure to download the full guide to learn how to enable these tips for a cleaner, more reliable Salesforce experience.

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