Social media is now a full-scale mass communications and customer service juggernaut. If you need a reminder of social’s importance, consider these numbers:

  • Social media is the #1 marketing channel where marketers plan to increase budget in 2015 (via 2015 State of Marketing)

  • 64% of marketers see social media as a critical enabler of their products and services (via 2015 State of Marketing)

  • 53% of consumers expect a Twitter response within an hour — and 72% expect it when they have complaints (via Millward Brown Digital)

Yet many brands haven’t advanced their social strategy beyond passive social listening and posting sales-oriented messages. Modern marketers must evolve their social media approach — adopting a focus on the customer above all. 

300x250_static_bannerWhat the E-Book is About 

#Winning at Social: 4 Steps to Enhance Your Social Media Strategy covers the four primary steps that will help your company reach its full potential on social media. Start by identifying which of the four steps best represents your current social approach, then follow the suggested next steps to take your strategy to the next level.

The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book is divided into four steps you can progressively follow to advance your social media practice.

Step 1: Listening

For many brands, their first foray into social media is broad listening: finding out which social networks have communities who discuss their brand and industry most often. 

If you’re in listening mode, you’re already doing one major thing right: you’re focusing on your customers and what they have to say. This section explains how to incorporate more sophisticated listening techniques and ultimately contributing your own voice to social conversations.

Step 2: Publishing

After you start hearing what your social audience is saying about you, you’ll quickly start realizing the importance of contributing to these conversations. But that doesn’t mean you should jump into every thread or publish every two hours — there’s a better way. 

With the combination of listening and publishing, you’re on your way to a holistic social strategy that grows your audience organically as you keep it up. This section explains how to be a better social communicator and plant the seeds for future conversions.

Step 3: Community Management

By this stage, you have a firm grasp on listening and publishing on social. You’ve probably developed a consistent cadence for posting, and you’re taking note of the typical types of conversations happening about your brand.

Now is the time to become more strategic and thoughtful about your digital audience as a whole, and also refine your collaboration with other teams internally. This section has ideas to grow and mature your social presence, which is more than just another marketing channel — it’s a community in itself. 

Step 4: Customer Care

There’s one final frontier to explore: social customer care. Combine community management with impeccable customer service, and your social strategy will be one of your industry’s best.

The holy grail of social customer care is having all customer queries in a centralized location and being able to respond to them with a full view of the customer. For example, social media marketers can use Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to address issues on a single platform. This section explains how to refine your approach to include customer care.

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