When you hear Game of Thrones, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Probably marketing technology, right?

Okay, maybe not — but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t our very own Game of Thrones going on right in our backyard. In anticipation of the new season of Game of Thrones, we took a closer look at the current marketing technology landscape: which houses are dominating their spaces, which ones are on the cusp of war, and where your competitors and customers factor into the big picture.

The conclusion was a bit startling: with so many marketing technologies vying for supremacy, war is imminent — unless one technology can find a way to unite the entire kingdom. From social media monitoring tools to email marketing solutions, marketers are hard-pressed to find the right technologies to meet their needs. And time of the essence if marketers have any hope of outselling their competitors.

To illustrate this warring technology landscape, we’ve created the Marketing Technology Game of Thrones SlideShare below. Take a look to learn how marketers can unite the kingdom with marketing automation, all while developing an army of brand evangelists and holding their competitors at bay.

The Marketing Technology Game of Thrones from Pardot