There’s a lot more to social media strategy than just posting to Facebook and Twitter. Our lean, mean team of three runs our corporate social media channels, and we want to share with you some interesting stats, strategies, and insights that will hopefully get you thinking about social media in a different light. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about social media at Salesforce:

1. We post cute stuff for a reason.​

Fun posts → Higher engagement

​Higher engagement → More of our content gets seen

​When people engage with a cute post, it makes it more likely that when we follow up with a meatier post (e.g. an e-book), more people will see it—which means we’re more likely to reach and engage new prospects.

2. Our LinkedIn page drives the most traffic.

​Each of our posts on LinkedIn gets more clicks than posts on our other organic social channels.

​It makes sense. ​LinkedIn audience: professionals. Our audience: professionals. It’s a match made in heaven.

​Food for thought: Not every social media channel is created equal. Different audiences are on different networks, and people use each network differently.

3. We host Twitter chats! Join us at #salesforcechat.

​How it works: ​Twitter chats are real-time Q&A events. A host tweets out questions, people reply back with their answers. All parties use the chat hashtag so everyone can see the conversation and engage with each other.

Why we do it: To engage our audience, reach new audiences, and drive traffic.

4. We monitor thousands of mentions about Salesforce on Twitter.

During Dreamforce, we get 6X our average daily mentions.

​​Thanks to Social Studio, we’re able to handle the high volume of mentions and also engage with users, answer questions, and help customers.

5. We have a Social Ambassador Program!

Our Social Ambassador Program enables our employees to share the content we produce (including blog posts like this!) with their own personal social networks. According to a report by Forrester Research, 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, but only 10% trust advertising. That’s why our employees are one of our greatest assets.

Our program empowers our employees to increase the reach of our brand story — through easy access to shareable content.


Want to learn more about social media? Check out our e-book #Winning at Social: 4 Steps to Enhance Your Social Media Strategy.